İhsan Oktay Anar, the master name who achieves the nirvana of authorship with his latest book “Tiamat”.

Misty Atlas of Continentsquestions the reality and fictionality of existence as a central theme. This question, which is in the foreground throughout the novel, enables the reader to consciously approach all the events of the book. In fact, Uzun İhsan, the novel’s protagonist, begins the storyline through the same dilemma.

At the beginning of the novel, under the influence of a book he is reading, Uzun İhsan begins to ponder whether existence is real or a dream. As a result, he decides to wander the world of dreams by drinking sleep syrup. He puts his dreams into a book and gives them to his son Bünyamin.

Uzun İhsan’s dreams and the book he left to his son form the framework of the novel. The novel, which consists of six chapters, contains the main story in question and various stories from the adventures of Bünyamin. At this point, Bünyamin appears before the reader as another protagonist of the novel. How do you think Bünyamin will answer at the end of this adventure, as he embarks on a journey through the world of dreams under the guidance of the atlas his father left him?

You can find the book here.

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