Interesting tribe who cut off their fingers in grief – culture – art

The Dani tribe lives in a town called Wamen, where transportation is only possible by plane and is very difficult. The tribe, which lives in a remote location in the state of Papua, was first discovered in 1938 by American missionary Richard Archbold.

The Danis, the ancient cannibal tribe of Indonesia, cut off a finger to mourn when loved ones such as spouses and children died.

Photographer Gianluca Chiodini, 41, captured this tribe on location and learned how to do it. Before cutting, they are tied tightly around the top half of the finger for 30 minutes. People who have cut their finger are usually a close family member. The open wound is cauterized to prevent bleeding and to form a new fingertip.

Finger amputation is considered a symbol of suffering after the loss of a loved one. But finger cutting was increasingly considered outdated and was officially banned a few years ago. For this reason, such fingers are usually only found in older people.

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