Netflix series in which young children do the work of adults cause controversy in Japan

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The Japanese production “Old Enough!”, which is currently attracting a lot of attention on Netflix. The “reality show” program “Reality” has also been criticized for its subject matter and the fact that its participants are small children.

Under the program, whose original Japanese name is “Hajimete no Otsukai” (“My First Bring and Take Job”), young children aged 2 to 6 go to places far from their homes, such as markets, supermarkets and vegetable markets for the first time alone on foot or by public transport and fill in the shortcomings of the house, they buy them, take the clothes to the cleaners, carry lunch for their fathers.

In the first episode of the series, 2-year-old Hiroki, who has just learned to walk, leaves his house, walks through crowded streets to a supermarket two kilometers away and returns to buy fish cakes, curry and a bouquet of flowers. Worth seeing is the cuteness of Hiroki, who, with the tiny yellow flag in hand, makes the “stop” sign to the cars on the street where the traffic is moving fast.

The protagonist of the fourth episode, 3-year-old Yuka, crosses the five-lane road and goes to the fish market, bringing the fish her mother ordered complete.

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