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The book, which will make an important contribution to the public diplomacy literature in the context of cultural diplomacy, covers cultural diplomacy with its theoretical and practical dimensions through culture, academia, civil society, media, education, academia and humanitarian aid networks.

The book provides examples of cultural diplomacy practices from Turkey and the world.

Fahrettin Altun, director of communications to the President, who wrote the book’s introduction, explained that the understanding of public diplomacy has taken hold in the 21st century, impacted by changing international conditions, digitization and the COVID-19 epidemic have.

“Turkey has reached the position of building its own image for the first time”

Altun pointed out that the main actors increasing the influence of public diplomacy are cultural diplomacy and the tools of soft power, making the following statements in his article:

It is of great importance that the countries’ soft power elements are transformed into a communication tool by the states, take place in the minds of foreign peoples, come to the fore in the public opinion of different countries, and take place in the media. In this direction, Turkey discovers its own soft power and puts this power into practice in different regions. In the context of public diplomacy, Turkey has activated its soft power since 2002 and started to express its image more clearly, accelerating efforts to explain its values, vision for the future and cultural qualities to the world. Therefore, Turkey, with its policy of public diplomacy and soft power, has reached the position of building its own image for the first time.

Turkey is pursuing an effective public diplomacy policy to consolidate its regional power and achieve its goal of becoming a world power. Turkey’s recent acceleration in economy, energy, defense industry, manufacturing and tourism, as well as the development of its relations with the European Union, the Middle East, the Turkish Republics, the Balkans, the Caucasus and Afro-Eurasia have paved the way for internationalization From our country. Turkey is trying to better explain itself to the world with the efforts of our Presidency Communications Directorate within the framework of soft power elements, especially to neighboring countries. As a result of these efforts, from the past to the present, there are very important positive differences in the perception of Turkey in foreign public opinion.

“Cultural diplomacy is a great opportunity in Turkey’s fight against manipulation and disinformation”

Noting that Turkey has been making efforts in recent years to restore false, incomplete and flawed perceptions about its public diplomacy efforts at the international level, Altun stated that all of Turkey’s public diplomacy projects and practices are subject to the The Presidency’s guarantee of accelerated and implemented communications.

Altun explained that Turkey is engaged in intensive activities with universities, TIKA, Yunus Emre Institute, Maarif Foundation, Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities, Presidency for Religious Affairs, AFAD and Turkish Red Crescent to strengthen the country’s brand in foreign public opinion and manage its perception. he did.

Stressing that Turkey is effectively implementing sustainable public diplomacy policy, Altun said, “Cultural diplomacy activities will also strengthen our country’s image, reputation and perception in the medium and long term.”

Noting that Turkey’s cultural diplomacy has paved the way to infiltrate foreign public opinion, Presidential Communications Director Altun pointed out that it strengthens positive feelings and thoughts about Turkey and breaks the negative image, and went on to say:

The power of cultural diplomacy to influence foreign peoples in Turkey’s fight against manipulation and disinformation is a great opportunity for our country. In this direction, our country carries out cultural diplomatic activities with all public institutions and organizations with strategic thinking. We also know very well that the Orientalist perspective has always been detrimental to world politics. The media content produced in this direction, the TV series and films shot, convey the message that all valuable characteristics are experienced in Western societies, all negative characteristics, chaos, anti-democratic practices, violations of human and animal rights are experienced in Eastern societies through the media carried out into the world. At this point, the efforts of Turkish cultural diplomacy are based on breaking this vicious circle and replacing negative perceptions with truth.

We produce our own definitions in international politics, and we make our arguments against foreign public opinion against those who want to pattern us, using all means and techniques of communication. Cultural diplomacy is our most important tool. Thanks to our cultural diplomacy and our soft power elements, we break down some walls and obstacles that we failed to overcome diplomatically, penetrating the hearts of foreign public opinion, breaking stereotypes and strengthening dialogue between peoples. We implement our cultural diplomatic activities, which we consider an integral part of our public diplomacy efforts, which we see as a dimension of “Communications Mobilization” initiated by our President, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, under the coordination of our Presidency of Communications, for different regions and for different target groups.

Recalling that with the “National Public Diplomacy Strategy Document and Action Plan” they prepared, he was using Turkey’s soft power more actively than ever before, he said: “In this document, we have clearly set out our strategy on cultural diplomacy and ensured the.” Unity of discourse and action of our state. I hope that the work ‘Cultural Diplomacy and Communication as Turkey’s Soft Power Instrument’ will be a source for empirical and theoretical studies on public diplomacy, soft power and cultural diplomacy.”

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