Salvador Dali’s works have been converted to NFT

World famous Spanish painter Salvador Dalíworks by NFTIt went on sale on April 13.

Dali, who lived between 1904 and 1989, is one of the most famous names in history. Dali is known for creating his own artistic language by breaking with the traditions in painting and sculpture.

Dali Universe, which has one of the largest private collections of the surrealist artist, and Artscapy, the art collection platform, have partnered for NFTs, Independent Turkish reported.

between NFTs Lady Godiva There are original works of eight sculptures such as While 9,999 pieces of each NFT were created, NFTs have been on sale for £25 (approx 480 TL).

Dali Universe explained that they want to offer a new opportunity to those who want to reach new collectors and buy the artist’s works thanks to NFTs.

The President of the Dali Universe, Beniamino Levi, said he was thrilled that the famous painter’s works would be transferred to the virtual world.

Artscapy founders Alessandro and Emilia De Stasio said they were honored to publish Dali’s first NFT collection, adding: “We are committed to preserving Dali’s artistic legacy and making his work accessible to new people .”

It is planned that the proceeds from the NFT sale will be sent directly to Dali Universe and used to preserve the artist’s works.


With its abbreviation, “non-fungible token” is commonly referred to as “non-exchangeable money or chip” in Turkish.

Being original and unique prevents NFT from being imitated and copied. Because of this, it is commonly used when selling digital assets and artwork.

NFTs of many different types of assets can be produced and offered for sale, e.g. B. a post on Twitter, an artwork or gadgets in a digital game.

Digital marketplaces where these are exhibited and auctioned include virtual platforms such as OpenSea, Decentraland, Rarible and Nifty Gateway.

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