Selena’s Kıvılcım enchanted with her tight red dress! He looked at Hazal Şenel again!

Entry date: 04/17/2022 08:56
Update date: 04/17/2022

The Selena series with Sinem Kobal in the leading role moved into the focus of young audiences, especially when it was broadcast. Selena, whose repeats also broke records, is still making a name for herself despite the years that have passed. Selena’s child actress lies above all in social media branding. One of those names is actress Hazal Şenel, who shines with the character of Kıvılcım. Child actress Hazal Şenel, who became famous as Kıvılcım at the age of 13, stuns with her transformation. Finally, Hazal Şenel, who renewed her image, shared her confident poses with her new hair. The latest version of Selena’s Kıvılcım, Hazal Şenel, who drew attention with her bikini poses she shared throughout the summer season, made her say “no more”. Hazal Şenel’s poses with her tight red dress were admired and commented on. Here is the latest version of Selena’s Spark, Hazal Şenel, who is now 29 years old…

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