Semra Güzel of the HDP is said to have fled to Norway, police said: The photo was taken in an art gallery in Diyarbakır.

A final arrest warrant was issued against the HDP MP Semra Güzel, whose photos she took 5 years ago with the PKK terrorist Volkan Bora attracted attention in the press and whose parliamentary immunity was lifted.


While it was claimed that Güzel, whose address could not be found in police operations, may have joined the terrorist organization, a photo that was put on the agenda was interpreted as being in Norway.


The Norwegian claim, made when fugitive HDP member Semra Güzel was seen in a photo posted to her Instagram account by a person named Hakan, was dismissed with a police statement. According to information obtained from security sources by CNN Türk intelligence chief Nihat Uludağ, the photo of fugitive HDP member Semra Güzel was not taken in Norway but in an art gallery in Diyarbakır in 2021.

The fugitive HDP member Semra Güzel is said to have stayed in Norway!  It turned out that the photo was taken in Diyarbakır.


HDP’s Semra Güzel, who has commented on the photos in question, said: “I met Volkan Bora during my student days and met as friends for a while at a ceremony between families. While working as a journalist, Volkan Bora was exposed in late 2009. Due to investigations and court proceedings, he had to go abroad. Although I tried to reach him, we were not able to meet him until 2014. ‘ had used the words.


Semra Güzel said: “I tried to reach Volkan Bora like many people who tried to see their children, mothers, fathers and loved ones in the positive atmosphere of the solution and peace process initiated between 2013 and 2015. As I walked to the above region, I was greeted by two women. “I was told that because of this I have to wear my own clothes. After waiting for a while, I found out he was there and we talked,” he said.

The fugitive HDP member Semra Güzel is said to have fled to Norway!  The police announced that the photo was taken in Diyarbakır.
Photos of the fugitive HDP member Semra Güzel and the murdered terrorist had surfaced.


Continuing her testimony, Semra Güzel said the following; “Considering that the government itself is negotiating with the other party in a process in which not only I, but millions of people, have hope for the future and desire peace, it is unacceptable that these photos are used as a basis for the slander.” are supposed to be , conspiracy attempts and accusations are being made against me today. I was not a member of any political party. I do not know if any action was taken against me in the investigation files opened as a result of some materials confiscated after Volkan Bora’s death in 2017. However, no investigation was initiated against me until my election as MP in 2018 and I have not even stated. I wasn’t subpoenaed. The fact that the photos obtained 5 years ago are being delivered to the press today without being a subject of justice is a manifestation of the masculine idea of ​​the state. The photos and the news service with extremely ugly and sexist discourses are part of the dirty propaganda that the political power is running about my party. It’s obvious there’s a sequel.”

Semra Güzel from the HDP is said to have fled to Norway!  The police explained: The photo was taken in an art gallery in Diyarbakır.

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