The long-awaited Thor: Love and Thunder Trailer Review

Let’s watch the trailer

We’ve been waiting for the Thor: Love and Thunder trailer for a long time

In fact, Marvel Studios has kept the gap between the first teaser’s release date and the film’s release date to a record time this time around. There can actually be many reasons for this. We were used to the post-pandemic movie trailers being a bit late. But Spider-Man: No Way Home proved that movies can advertise very well even with mere speculation. It’s like Thor: love and thunder walked this path.

The trailer begins with Thor’s childhood, adolescence, the time of the first Avengers films, and his current state. We see the exact same classic costume from the comics when he was younger. Marvel Studios, particularly with Phase 4, began dressing almost all of its characters in original pantyhose-style costumes for once. These are of course very good references. Scarlet Witch, Loki, etc.

In Avengers: Endgame, Thor left Asgard completely to Valkyrie and went into space with the Guardians of the Galaxy. As you can recall, he was quite overweight. Of course, we’ll also witness the parts where he lost weight with a training montage. Anyway, Taika Waititi wouldn’t stand a chance of missing such an opportunity. it will make a very pleasant sequence from there. We will call him Ravager Thor in the parts of the team he is part of. The costume he wears here is very similar to Thunderstrike (Eric Masterson) in the comics. As we see, after embarking on many adventures with the Guardians, he decides to retire.

It is the arrival of Gorr the Godslayer that will cause him to retreat. but since the teaser didn’t show us gorr, I’ll go through the comics with a brief introduction. Gorr is a fairly new character. appears before the reader in the thor: god of thunder series by jason aaron. His greatest motivation is to cleanse the universe of gods. The character will be the villain of this film. Christian Bale plays Gorr.

Gorr’s arrival is not just an event that will affect Thor and Asgard, we can say that all the gods in the MCU are on target. We see Thor and Korg looking side by side at a gigantic corpse of a god. This scene is exactly a scene from the comic book and it can be said that Thor came across the corpse while examining Gorr. In addition to the pantheon of Asgard, the Greek pantheon will also appear in the film. The design of Olympus is very beautiful. It is possible to see Zeus played by Russell Crowe in these scenes. probably Gorr will make a big raid on Olympus.

In the trailer is a ship that is pulled by two goats

these goats teeth grinders and tooth grinders. In the comics, these goats accompanied Thor on his travels through space when Thor lost the privilege of being unworthy and removing Mjolnir. In the film, it looks like he’s filming the tour boat reserved for those who come to New Asgard as a tourist attraction. as if he would use that ship in ours if need be. Hakeza Thor, Valkyrie, Mighty Thor (Jane Foster) and Korg will travel on this ship in the film.

Valkyrie will find herself in the middle of bureaucracy now that the King and Asgard are on Earth. The creature we see next to him is Thor: Miek, which we will remember from Ragnarok. When the film was announced, it was said that it would invoke the Valkyrie Queen. This will be one of the character’s storylines in the film. My guess is Carol Danvers, but let’s see who it will be…

At the end of the teaser we see Thor in the middle of a fight

It is probably the first attack by the new Asgard and Gorr. In the previous film, the shattered Mjolnir flies from the sky in restored form and lands in the hands of Jane Foster, who transforms into Thor in this film. Jane Foster’s transformation into Thor also took place in the Thor series written by Jason Aaron. When Thor became unworthy, Mjolnir awaited his new owner alone on the moon and Jane Foster, who was battling cancer at the time, became mjolnir’s deserving owner. I don’t know if the cancer story will be in the film but I can say that Jane Foster looks great as Thor.

Natalie Portman left the series after Thor: The Dark World. There was some disagreement. It’s very gratifying that Thor: Love and Thunder is making a comeback in the series. I love Jane Foster’s version of Thor in the comics. it has a great story. It’s exciting that it’s possible to be adapted into a film. I don’t think Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman have good chemistry in the first two Thor movies. but here is the taika waititi difference. It will rebuild the chemistry between the two.

Although the trailer offers us little as a story, what we see is quite satisfying. Gorr’s debut is reserved for the original trailer. In fact, we don’t see much action. but the visuals of the film are very nice. The cinematography, the color palette looks tremendous. This movie will enchant viewers who like Thor: Ragnarok.

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