The opening program of the book reading project entitled “I Can Succeed If I Want” was held

The opening program of the book reading project entitled “I Can Succeed If I Want” was held

In his opening remarks, our Provincial Director of National Education Murat Yiğit said: “We have realized the first step of our project by distributing the reading set ‘I Can Succeed’, which introduces our city with various aspects in the context of values ​​education, to all third grade primary school students have distributed who study in Samsun. Our esteemed Governor Associate Professor Dr. Zülkif Dağlı, our District Governors and Mayors who have assisted us in preparing the project and procuring the books, on the occasion of the “I Will Succeed” Promotional Meeting prepared by our Provincial Directorate of National Education under the auspices of the Governor of Samsun, I would like to thank our R&D unit staff and valuable teachers who contributed to the preparation and implementation of the project on the ground, and I wish that our project will be beneficial to our city and educational community.”

Later, the author İlhan Akın spoke to the participants through the video conference system. In his speech, Deputy Governor İbrahim Civelek wished that the project would be beneficial for our city. The introductory presentations of the project were made by Kenan Arslan, our Deputy Director of National Education in the province.

Program Deputy Governor İbrahim Civelek, Provincial Director of National Education Murat Yiğit, Asarcık District Governor Fatma Gül Nayman, Çarşamba District Governor Assoc. DR. Şükrü Yıldırım, Members of the Protocol, District National Education Directors, Administrators, Teachers and Students. The Book Reading Project, conducted by our provincial Directorate of National Education under the auspices of the Samsun Governor, involves the 3rd grade students of all public and private elementary schools affiliated with our Directorate. In addition, family reading and conversation activities continue through the completion of 4th grade.

If I Want, I Can Be Successful, Storybook was written to support and guide our students in choosing quality books that match their interests, desires and abilities. A story book special book has been prepared to support our students to take care of themselves by writing forgotten cultural values ​​such as fairy tales, stories, nursery rhymes, riddles, legends, manias, poems and folk songs. “If I Want, I Can Succeed,” “Storybook” and “Storybook Special Book” are distributed to our 3rd grade elementary students to help them acquire basic literacy skills from an early age. The implementation process of our project started when the author İlhan Akın prepared the guide story book and the special story book special for our province and students under the guidance of the Governor of Samsun and the Provincial Directorate of National Education.

The following activities are carried out in the project;

Distribution of the Guide Storybook and Special Notebook to our 3rd grade elementary school students

Reading the story book with the family, chatting about the book

Write the stories compiled by the elders of the family in the Storybook Special Notebook

Families create their own book list by working with the student to select books that interest the student.

Arrangement of the created list with joint decision of family, teacher and student

Reading and chatting selected books with family

Choosing works to include in the book of values, if I want, I can succeed

Publication of the book of values ​​consisting of selected works. If I want, I can also be successful


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