The situation that made Good Party professor Bilge Yılmaz cry on FOX live! couldn’t speak at all

Member of the IYI party that appeared on the FOX TV ringer program. DR. Bilge Yılmaz was in tears and unable to speak. This is how the difficult moments of Bilge Yılmaz, guest of İsmail Küçükkaya, were mirrored into the cameras.

President of Economic Policy of IYI Party Prof. DR. Bilge Yılmaz visited İsmail Küçükkaya on FOX TV. Bilge Yılmaz couldn’t control his emotions as he talked about the exodus of young people and his eyes filled with tears. Prof. whose voice was shaking and had difficulty speaking. Dr. Bilge Yılmaz had a hard time.

Bilge Yılmaz explained at that moment that he could not blame the young people who went abroad:

“We can’t be mad at the young people now either. My reason for coming is her reason for going. Turkey is going through a difficult time, we mustn’t make mistakes. sorry i’m getting emotional We cannot offer these children an economic future. We kick him in just because he tweeted. There are no liberties in the country, what are these children to do? In the past, people of limited means had the opportunity to advance through work. Now there is no merit, you are blocked. When you get somewhere, there is no decent salary. Now I won’t cry in front of millions, but…”

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