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One has to be David Bowie, or know his story well, to understand that the road to fame is as tiring and despairing as Sisyphus’ punishment than lifting the same stone over and over again.

David Bowie was, in my opinion, one of the rare stars who lived and lived to the fullest for 69 years, with his two-tone eyes, extraordinary songs that no one dared to wear, most influenced by the Beatles and Elvis Presley , Syd Barrett (founder by Pink Floyd) But he wanted to be like that; David Bowie has inspired many names that are now called stars of the rock and show world.


This week I was watching Gabriel Range’s British production STARDUST which has only just been released despite being a 2020 production…
If you want to see a biographical film, you can expect a different production, which is about David Bowie but only focuses on one and a half years of his life.

The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars was the album he made in 1972 and he confronted his alter ego. Ziggy Stardust was an imaginary and genderless alien rock star. This album gained a serious following when it was released, but the 14-month US tour that preceded the album makes the whole film.

Bowie, 24, moves to New York in 1971 and is a young singer on the way to discovering his gender and his music… The young man in search makes his first trip to America with Ron Oberman, editor of Mercury Records. This journey will be arduous for Oberman… The young David Jones, who is not particularly alien to his native country with its sexual proclivities, music and women’s clothing, will be questioned and even ridiculed about these aspects in the USA. By the way, officially Jones, known by his last name, the singer only uses Bowie on stage.

There is also something unknown for the young singer, who with her stubborn and stubborn nature does not deviate from what she knows: she only finds out much later that her mother Peggy and her three sisters suffer from a serious neurotic illness such as borderline and that even her three aunts committed suicide. Meanwhile, his older brother Terry was hospitalized for his unstable behavior. While it brings uneasiness to David, who is on a deep quest on his inner journey, it also creates awareness…

While using intense sexual elements and female costumes that look unusual in the music world at the time, he worries about giving a serious concert and making it in the US.When the singer is confronted with his family’s health problem, he will also discover his alter ego and true music. Ziggy Stardust, who created theater shows and is considered a genderless personality, is known as the first individual alter ego in the music world to emerge 1 year after his US experience. Before that, The Beatles, Sgt. With Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, he pioneered the alter ego movement. Today Lady Gaga and Eminem continue the same tradition…

The cancer-fighting artist died of cancer in 2016 at the age of 69. just before he died
He said, “I don’t know where I’m going, but it won’t be boring.” We think that after a star dies, it turns into stardust…

This interesting man, who for many years preferred to work with a Turkish guitarist named Erdal Kızılçay and who we know is a fan of Nazım Hikmet, has left his mark on music for many years. While not being able to see those details and not being able to hear his iconic songs in Bowie’s film, which went into serious seclusion in the 2000s, is a downfall, I can say we saw a very well done live part.
Young South African actor Johnny Flynn brought life to life with an incredible performance; Harmonizing with bohemian 70’s London and colorful-looking bigoted America, the film STARDUST hits theaters this week.
Best show of the week…

Ozlem Kalkan

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