Works by Salvador Dalí converted to NFT

Dali, who lived between 1904 and 1989, is one of the most famous names in history. Dalí is known for breaking traditions in painting and sculpture and creating his own artistic language.

Dalí Universe, which has one of the largest private collections of the surrealist artist, and Artscapy, the art collection platform, have partnered for NFTs.

Among the NFTs are the original works of 8 statues such as Lady Godiva. 9,999 were created from each NFT. NFTs, which are on sale for £25 (approx. 480 TL), are available on both the Dalí Universe and Artscapy websites.

Dalí Universe explained that thanks to NFTs they want to offer a new opportunity for those who want to reach new collectors and buy the artist’s works. Beniamino Levi, President of Dalí Universe, said he was thrilled that the famous painter’s works were brought to the virtual world.

Artscapy founders Alessandro and Emilia De Stasio also stated that they are honored to publish Dalí’s first NFT collection:

We are committed to preserving Dalí’s artistic legacy and making his work accessible to new people.
It is planned that the proceeds from the NFT sale will be sent directly to Dalí Universe and used to preserve the artist’s works.

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