Zeynep Tokuş, who is remembered with Deli Yürek, once again pushed the limits with her flexibility! Zeynep Tokuş, 45, left her mouth open with her move!

Entry date: 04/19/2022 07:07
Update date: 04/19/2022

Zeynep Tokuş, who reached a large audience with the series Deli Yürek, in which she shared the lead roles with Kenan İmirzalıoğlu, now lives a quiet life away from the cameras. Zeynep Tokuş, the shining star of the series Deli Yürek, which was watched breathlessly at the time of its broadcast, has not been involved in a project for a long time. Zeynep Tokuş, mother of 3 children, is on the social media agenda with her posts. Tokuş posted a photo of her showing her agility. Zeynep Tokuş shared, “I am sure you will do better than me, super yogis. You can even take a real sip of real coffee. I used my ready made coffee mug. Tag those who try… I eagerly await the future from you,” he added. Zeynep Tokuş, 45, leaves her mouth open with her posts. Zeynep Tokuş, who stands out with her difficult yoga moves and fit body, was praised…

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