41st Istanbul Film Festival Languages ​​have found their owners

The 41st Speech Procession of the Istanbul Film Festival took place on the night of Tuesday, April 19 at the Cemal Reit Rey Concert Hall. The night hosted by Cem Davran, in addition to the international and national Golden Tulip languages, will also award Best Director, Jri Special Prize, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Screenplay, Best Cameraman, Best Editing, Best Art Director and the Best Original Musical Languages ​​were presented. The language train also recognized the winners of the National Documentary Film Competition, National Short Film Competition, Gen Ustad Language, Seyfi Teoman Best Film Award and the International Federation of Film Critics (FIPRESCI).

International allocation

Golden Tulip – Vortex (Gaspar No)

Jri zel dl – Seafarers of Dalarn / O marinheiro das montanhas / Seafarers of the mountains (Karim Anouz)

national division

Golden Tulip Best Picture – Klondike (Maryna Private Gorbach)

Jri zel dl – In honor of Onat Kutlar – ilingir Sofras (Ali Kemal Gven)

Honorable Mention – Denizhan Akbaba (Ela and Hilmi and Ali)

Best Director – Tayfun Pirselimolu (Kerr)

Best Screenplay dl – Nazl Elif Durlu, Ziya Demirel (Zuhal & Ela and Hilmi & Ali)

Best Actress dl – Ece Yuksel (Ela and Hilmi and Ali)

Best Actor dl – Ahmet Rfat ungar & Bar Gnenen (ilingir Sofras)

Best Camera dl – Sviatoslav Bulakovskyi (Klondike)

Best Editing Language – Bura Dedeolu, Selda Takn (Zuhal)

Best Art Direction dl – Natali Yeres (Kerr)

Best Original Music dl – Taner Ycel (Tell Me About Your Darkness)

National Documentary Competition

Best Documentary – Eat Your Catfish (Senem Tzen, Adam Isenberg, Noah Amir Arjomand)

Honorable Mention – All Inclusive / All-In (Volk ce)

Best First – Zuhal (Nazl Elif Durlu)

National Short Film Competition

Best Short Film – Our Ark (Sea Tortum, Kathryn Hamilton)

Honorable Mention – Night Kua (Yasemin Demirci)

FIPRESCI languages

In International Splitting – Vortex (Gaspar No)

In National Split – Ela and Hilmi and Ali (Ziya Demirel)

At the National Short Film Competition – Gl Edge / Lakeshore (Aziz Alaca)

Gen Masters Yarmas

/ Un Monde / Playground (Laura Wandel)

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