Alper Kul and Aylin Kontonte could not find a doctor in London

Known for Güldür Güldür Show, Alper Kul and Aylin Konte had a tough time in London.

Two famous actors, Aylin Kontonte and Alper Kul, went to England for a holiday with their children. The London vacation turned into a nightmare after a virus infected the couple’s children. The couple’s children contracted the virus while on vacation.

Aylin Kontonte and Alper Kul took their children to the hospital but couldn’t show them.

“It lasted 8 hours cramps and vomiting”

Aylin content, “Our holiday which started great turned very sad with 8 hours of convulsions and vomiting due to a virus transmitted to children.” called.

They took someone else’s medicine

According to the news in the calendar; Aylin Kontonte found the solution to reach her doctor in Turkey. The doctor contacted a Turkish patient living in London from Istanbul and arranged for the drugs he had prescribed as a precaution to be delivered to the actors’ children.

The famous couple, who gave their children the found drugs to drink, returned to Turkey immediately after recovering.

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