Jason Momoa is about to star in a Minecraft movie

The most popular in the game world, which debuted in 2011. MinecraftA film adaptation of the film was recently announced. A strong rumor has surfaced about the film in the past few hours.

Jason Momoa could be a leader

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter game of Thronesnow and then AquariusThe star of the action movies we know Jason MomoaHe’s in talks for the Minecraft movie. He is said to be very close to the role and that he will take on the lead role, although the exact role is not revealed.

of the Minecraft movie directed by Jared Hess the production of Mary Parent and Roy Lee take over. Unfortunately, the film’s cast and character details are unknown at this time. It’s a matter of great curiosity, especially if the character of Steve is going to exist. Production on the film is contractually required to begin before 2023, so we may hear more details in the coming months.



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