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The other day the main news of a TV station said that politics had shrunk into one pot. Would all this rioting end when everyone was fed? Was it really all about the economy? Hunger has been one of the most important tools in all of human history. Most revolts during the Roman Empire were due to not enough bread being produced. The riots ended when free bread was distributed to the people of the city of Rome. The response of the broad masses to the choice between liberty and bread was mostly in favor of bread. People could only enjoy other things when their stomachs were full. With neoliberalism and its product, consumer society, the unconscious began to propagate that there is no society, that there is only one individual, that the strong survive and deserve everything. Conservatives benefited the most from this situation, attracting people who fell by the wayside because they offered at least an alternative in the form of community, if not community, and exploited people’s fear of being left alone. But this situation did not become an answer, on the contrary, it became another means of articulation with neoliberalism. As industry and consumption, growing unchecked, destroyed nature, nature returned and increased its horror; like the climate crisis, microplastics in human blood, new and destructive viruses… The result of all these experiences was a state of deep uncertainty.


As Franco “Bifo” Berardi defines the psychosphere, the current state of social consciousness and Guattari’s last book, Chaosmosis, can be likened to the effects of toxic air caused by mental implosion, just like slime covering the Sea of ​​Marmara. Just as the sea, whose nature has gradually changed over the years, stuns everyone one morning, the psychosphere we live in can put us at risk of mental suffocation due to lack of oxygen. The way out of this suffocation is Deleuze’s and Guattari’s “What is Philosophy?”. As they mention in their book, to protect ourselves from the effects of chaos, we need to slow down and have a little order. As information technology accelerates, consciousness cannot operate at the same speed, and humanity is drifting in uncertainty in this illusion of speed. The mind that cannot slow down and actualize its own power and has transferred many of its abilities to information technology has difficulty harnessing its creativity and sensitivity. This explains why meditation and similar practices that slow the mind down and try to put it in order have become a great need today. Conversely, while the use of stimulants such as caffeine and energy drinks has increased, the use of antidepressants that claim to slow down or clear the mind has also increased. Pills, vitamins, herbal teas to fall asleep, wake up and rejuvenate… We can only understand the intolerance of the new generations towards boredom, loneliness and sadness if we get to know the psychosphere in which we live.


I think this is exactly the effect of the fisherman’s coffee house that I come to at every opportunity and slow down… Maybe being among the sea creatures partially relieved from the crazy speed of the land creates this effect. Thinking with the rhythm of the sea and waves, the crackle of a burning wood stove… In addition, there is order here, familiar people, it is clear what will happen… The opportunity to see events and people from afar by looking at each other out of all this confusion…

Franco “Bifo” Berardi summarized what to do in this chaos in his book Pathology of Heroism: Be Skeptical. don’t belong If you have to choose between death and slavery, don’t choose slavery. Despair and joy are not mutually exclusive, happiness is the most effective way to deal with despair. Berardi puts irony at the top as a weapon of struggle. Without slowing down, the creative self does not emerge. By pressing…

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