The Bogota International Book Fair, one of the largest fairs in Latin America, opened its doors

ColombiaIn , the “Bogota International Book Fair (FILBO)” started with the participation of more than 500 national and international guests.

Officially opened by President Ivan Duque, the fair opened its doors to book lovers in the event space in the capital, Corferias.

TurkeyAt the fair attended by the Colombian representative of the Maarif Foundation, Turkey‘s ambassador in Bogota, Ece Öztürk, opened the foundation’s stand.

In his statement to the AA correspondent, Öztürk emphasized that the fair has special value for Colombia, saying: “During my tenure, we have always attended, except during the pandemic. Last time TIKA opened a booth here, now our Maarif Foundation has opened its doors in Bogotá as our new institution for our educational and cultural activities.” the phrases used.

“Our Maarif Foundation has started organizing Turkish courses”

Öztürk pointed out that the number of people learning Turkish in Colombia is gradually increasing and the ties between the two peoples are becoming stronger as students. I am very pleased that these steps have been taken.”

Öztürk thanked the Ministry of Tourism and Culture for supporting the opening of the booth and TMV Colombia Representative Assoc. Dr. Öner Buçukcu was given documents containing information on the activities of the Foundation and the Colombian representation.

“Our foundation is one of the five largest educational institutions in the world”

DR TurkeyThey emphasize that they try to use every opportunity to promote. statements made.

Noting that they see the book fair, which is expected to be attended by thousands of people, as an opportunity, Buçukcu said that as a foundation, they see the book fair as an opportunity. TurkeyHe said that they will try to introduce Colombians to the educational opportunities and culture of Colombia.

At the fair, the Turkish Maarif Foundation presents itself to the participants at Stand 17 (Pabellon 17).

As part of the fair organized by the Colombian Chamber of Books, it has been announced that between April 19th and May 2nd, more than 1600 events will be organized and book lovers will be served.

Latin AmericaThe FILBO Book Fair, considered one of the largest organizations in Turkey, did not take place last year due to Covid-19 restrictions but was attended by 610,000 people in 2019.

Officials said national and international writers will also attend the fair and they expect more than 500,000 people to attend the event this year.

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