The ‘Cemo’ penalty for ‘Majestic Memories’ will be applied this weekend: penalty for the public

On public TV screens Serhan soldierprepared and presented by ‘Great Memories’ The court’s decision to stay the execution of the RTÜK judgment previously imposed on the program has been overturned.

On the broadcast of June 27, 2021, former member of Grup Yorum and former CHP deputy Hilmi Creative, He sang the cemo Türküsü.

RTÜK performed this song. “terror propaganda” and gave Halk TV a suspension of 3 programs.

However, the cemo folk song that was punished by RTÜK was composed by Grup Yorum members in 1989 and Hilmi Yaraıcı sang it on the album. The Cemo folk song has not been banned for 33 years and the album is still sold in the market with the Ministry of Culture banderole. The song in question was clicked and listened to millions of times on YouTube.

In RTÜK’s decision that Halk TV was punished for terrorist propaganda, the indictment also showed evidence that a Grup Yorum member was tried for membership of a terrorist organization and that this person sang the Cemo folk song. It became known that the case in question is still ongoing. Therefore, there is no final court decision regarding terror propaganda with the Cemo song.

Despite this, the show Gorgeous Memories will not air this weekend as Halk TV’s appeal proceedings in favor of RTÜK have been completed. From Saturday to Sunday, April 23rd and 24th, documentaries broadcast by RTÜK will be broadcast on Halk TV.

The timing of the punishment is also important. Gorgeous Memories with Serhan Asker, which has surpassed its rivals in ratings for years, has raised the broadcast bar to an unattainable level in the last month, further widening its gap at the top. As the process went on, Magnificent Memories had recently focused on the village institutes, one of the cornerstones of the Enlightenment in Turkey, and some of them were dysfunctional. Filming for the program in the Hasanoğlan Village Institute building was suspended last weekend.

Serhan Asker: Halk TV cannot be muted

Serhan Asker announced RTÜK’s decision on his social media platform Twitter. In addition to the division of troops “Public television cannot be silenced” demote.

Speaking to after the decision, Serhan Asker said: “The penalty was not on ‘Great Memories’ but on the people who kept this program at the top for 200 weeks” used the expressions.

Cafer Mahiroğlu: penalty ring

Public television owner Cafer Mahiroglu as a reaction to this decision of the RTÜK, “RTÜK punishes the ‘Glorious Memories’ that bring Republican values ​​to our country every week. This punishment was not imposed on Halk TV, which tells our story, our proud people of ideas, everyone from 7 to 70, but to the people, who carried it to the summit for 200 weeks.” called.

What happened?

Halk TV, together with Aşık Veysel cultural association, for musicians who were unemployed at the end of the closure #The night was organized under the motto “Turks Do Not Susmaz” and many artists supported it.

During the night, Aşık Mahzuni Şerif’s Baglama was auctioned to support the artists and it was bought in Antalya for 115,000 lire. Ali-Aysun Kocatepe, Soner Olgun, Ender Balkır, Belkıs Akkale, Hilmi Yaraıcı, Cahit Berkay, Onur Akın, Çelo Boluz, Kahtalı Mıçı, Mazlum Çimen, Hüseyin Turan, Emrah Karaca, Mustafa Özarslan, Grup At Gundogan, who took Redd band also share the stage.

On the night organized by Halk TV to support musicians during the epidemic, RTÜK was fined for folk song “Cemo” sung by Hilmi Yaraıcı and given 3 percent administrative penalty and 3 percent administrative penalty for “praising and promoting terrorism”. Program Suspensions Condemned’. RTÜK Supreme Council members İlhan Taşçı and Okan Konuralp voted against the decision.

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