The new reading diary for book lovers

What traces do the books you visit leave on you? Can you write the reflections of the books into your inner world?

Reading Diary is a simple and useful journal that allows you to write down details, comments, keywords, quotes and associations related to the book you are reading and keep for years to come. The reading diary, which attracts attention with its design, can also be considered as a nice gift option for book lovers.

Provides new ground to follow step-by-step routes on your reading journey read diarybetween the pages, varied from Tim Parks to Ricardo Piglia, from George Saunders to Terry Pratchett It also contains short texts by authors on the subject of reading and writing..

Thus, the reader navigating the diary, once again reminded that reading is not a passive act, enjoys the privilege of being an active reader.

“read diary”

To be emphasized by the original design and the bound edition read diarywhich readers will not miss from bed and bed Years later, perhaps as a reader’s log. Book It is also a legacy that they will read.


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