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kite runner

Written by Afghan-American author Khaled Hosseini kite runnerWith its heartbreaking story, it has been one of the best-selling novels since its publication. The work, published in English in 2003, bears traces of the author’s life. The novel draws attention to the human tragedy in Afghanistan, which has been on the agenda for many years with political unrest and wars.

The theme is based on friendship. kite runnerembraces the whole world with the common feelings of humanity. The author, who masterfully deals with the bonds of friendship in his work, but also with fatherly love, self-sacrifice, lies and betrayal, takes his readers on a journey between countries and times. kite runnerWith its universal theme and virtuosic message, it is an unforgettable life lesson.

An emotional and captivating story awaits you!

kite runnerIt tells the story of two children, Emir and Hasan, who grew up together. The two children grow up in very different circumstances as far as class membership is concerned. Emir’s father is among the wealthy and well-known people of Afghanistan. Hasan’s father works as a servant for Emir’s father.

While Hasan feels unconditional love and devotion towards Emir, Emir constantly humiliates him. One day, at the Kite Festival, a sacrifice that Hasan makes to make Emir happy leads to a very bad incident. Emir, on the other hand, takes no steps to intervene despite witnessing this incident. In addition, he continues his hostile attitude towards Hasan.

With the start of the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, Emir and his father, like many people in the region, emigrated to the United States. Emir, who lives here with his father in a poorer condition than in his old life, constantly suffers from the guilt of the torture he inflicted on Hasan. And one day he gets news about Hasan and in a hurry he returns to Afghanistan. What Emir learns here changes the course of the story from beginning to end.

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