This is a very meaningful concert for me.

“This is a very meaningful concert for me”

After the news from Tolga Aslan from Habertürk; Musician Sinan Güleryüz rolled up his sleeves for baby Pera, who has SMA. Güleryüz organized a benefit concert for Pera, a patient with SMA, at the Fulya Süleyman Seba Cultural Center last night. About 2,500 tickets were sold for the concert, which uses ticket proceeds to help Pera’s illness.

In response to journalists’ questions in front of the stage, the 36-year-old artist replied: “This is a very meaningful concert for me, this is my third concert for Pera. It will continue in May. My main goal is to encourage other artists to do this,” the statement said.


Sinan Güleryüz said about his wife Özge Özder: “Özge is on the set. We don’t employ babysitters, we try to raise them ourselves. This is a very busy pace for us. By the way, Özge doesn’t sit around idly. She broadcasts live on social media and organizes relief efforts for Pera.

When asked about her daughter Eva Luna, Güleryüz replied: “She loves network music, she is a music lover. When she turns on the music, she immediately plays it and tries to accompany it,” he said.


On the other hand, the musician Sinan Güleryüz and the actress Özge Özder got married in 2018. The famous couple had the joy of becoming a mother and father for the first time by hugging their daughter Eva Luna in February last year.

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