Who is Bulent Parlak? How old is he, why did he die?

Bülent Parlak, the founder and editor-in-chief of Izdiham magazine, has passed away. After this news that shocked the culture and art scene, “Who is Bülent Parlak? How old is he, why?” The question was followed with great interest. Details are here…


Izdiham editor-in-chief Bülent Parlak died of a heart attack.


Bülent Parlak was born in Malatya as the last child in a family of eight children. Parlak’s father, who has four older brothers and three older sisters, was the chairman of the Malatya Labor Union. He was active in politics for many years, first in the Communist Party of Turkey and then in the Republican People’s Party. The poet told his father at the age of 6; He lost his mother at the age of 19.

Bright attended primary, secondary and high school in the town of Konak in Malatya. The poet’s village is a city where about seven thousand people live, and they are all related to each other. He won the Faculty of Communications at Istanbul University and studied there for a year. During these years he worked in the advertising department of a newspaper, where he completed an internship. The poet, who graduated first from the schools he attended, had to leave the Faculty of Communications due to financial constraints. In the following years, he passed the university exam again and won the Faculty of Education of Samsun Ondokuz Mayıs University. But since he is married and has a child, it was very difficult to work in Istanbul and commute to Samsun. His student life at the Faculty of Education lasted 7 years and he graduated. After graduating from high school, he made various attempts, such as buying a hotel, running a furniture store, and opening a private classroom, but he was unsuccessful in those jobs.

He began writing poetry in elementary school. After graduating from university, Parlak disliked poetry, but years later, with encouragement and reproach from his elementary school teacher, he began writing poetry again. He sent his poem, which he scribbled on a bill, to Dergah magazine. Assisted by Mustafa Kutlu, the poet’s first poem and more than one poem he has written since 2005 have been published in Dergah.

In 2007, Parlak opened a literary portal at izdiham.com. This portal, where texts, literary articles, stories and essays from Turkish and world literature were published, later became a magazine. The poet is the founder and editor-in-chief of the culture-art-literature magazine Izdiham. Izdiham Magazine has been in print since 2008, “We are all of age to die.”, “There is no subscription activity in case of the apocalypse.” It began to be printed with many notable slogans such as The magazine, which is very popular in content and design, is one of the most widely read magazines with its original cover articles. On the cover of the first issue of the magazine “Housing is harmful to health”. writes. The front pages and content of the next issues contain very interesting and exciting topics.

In 2010, Parlak summarized his poems, which he had previously published in Dergah, in his collection of poems Dear Huzursuzüzüm. He published his book of essays entitled The Invention of Solitude, which he wrote in 2012 and dedicated to his father Ricakeş in 2014, and his volumes of poetry entitled It’s Too Late for Everything in 2018.

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