Ece Erken rebels: You will be exposed – Magazine

Ece Erken stated that the house of her husband Şafak Mahmutyazıcıoğlu, who died in the armed attack, was rented without permission.

Ece Erken expresses her reaction on her social media account. “Whoever rented my wife’s house without permission will be exposed just as much as the killers” he said.

Server, “What injustice, who committed fraud, who rented my wife’s house without permission, will be exposed in the same way as the murderers! But how strange life is, I’m no longer surprised by these cheapnesses. It turns out they all opened up. You won’t understand if it doesn’t happen to you.” shared your message.

Calling those who had previously written checks in her husband’s name on her social media account, Ece Erken said the following:

“I’ll take my late wife’s blank check and fill it out later… To show my late wife as if she owed her debts if she owed anything… The one who caused her death because of the dishonest people who wrote that check; That is the greatest shame who should not live conscientiously… Before the truth about you comes out and everything comes out inshallah… I trust in the justice and judgment of Allah.”

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