He became a Muslim 3 years ago! Famous K-Pop Star Fulfilled His Dream – Foreign News

South Korean singer Jay Kim changed his name to Daud Kim after announcing that he had converted to Islam in 2019. The K-pop star, known for his videos on YouTube sharing the experiences of South Korean Muslims, went to Umrah for the first time since proclaiming he is Muslim.

According to The National News, Daud Kim, who stated in his Youtube videos that he wanted to visit Mecca and Medina, was able to realize this wish three years later.

Daud Kim posted a photo on his Instagram account of himself standing in front of the Kaaba in the Masjid al-Haram in Mecca.I’m the happiest person in the world“He shared with the note.

The star singer was photographed in the state of Ihram in front of the Kaaba.Finally I came to Mecca. I am the happiest person because Allahu Teala chose me and brought me here. I am thankful for this opportunity. Thank you God, thank you for giving me the chance to come to the holiest city on earth. I prayed for all Muslims. May Allah forgive our sins. May he accept our prayers“He shared with the note.

The K-Pop star discovered his interest in Islam on a trip to Indonesia a few years ago.friendly muslimsHe explained that he woke up thanks to ”

Ironically, Kim explained that he was targeted for converting religion: “strengthen your faith‘ he had said.

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