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In order to increase the brand value of Kocaeli and make Kocaeli, the Pearl of Marmara, a world star in tourism, the Metropolitan Municipality is taking another very important step in this direction. The film “Airdan Kocaeli” prepared as a continuation of the Kocaeli master plan launched with the slogan “Kocaeli is becoming a brand, you will believe your eyes” and its website will be open to the public from now 21.00 tonight. There are hundreds of photos taken in 4 seasons from 12 districts of Kocaeli, the film Kocaeli from the air, and an e-book introducing Kocaeli from various aspects on the website. Simultaneously with the launch of the site, photos will be shared from the Metropolitan Municipality’s social media accounts using the hashtag #eyesinannan.


The Tourism Master Plan prepared by the Department of Culture and Social Affairs was recently presented to the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Assoc. DR. It was shared with the public by Tahir Büyükakın. The tourism master plan was presented with the slogan “Kocaeli is Branding, You Will Believe Your Eyes”, which attracts attention with its Kocaeli-specific logo and the Kocaeli music jingle and the Kocaeli writing. The logo, jingle and font, adopted by the sector’s actors and citizens from the very first moment, have been widely disseminated throughout Kocaeli.


A study was carried out within the Bureau of the Press, Broadcasting and Public Relations Department as part of the Tourism Master Plan. For 365 days, 12 districts of Kocaeli were photographed separately from the air in 4 seasons and camera images were recorded. At the end of the study, Kocaeli’s visual richness, made up of thousands of squares, emerged. After nearly ten thousand photos were individually scanned and hours of camera footage were viewed, the most beautiful aerial photos and camera footage of Kocaeli were selected.


Hundreds of photos taken in different natural environments for each district have been uploaded to the website www.havadankocaeli.com. Among these photographs, dozens of photographs that best describe Kocaeli and texts specially written for different places have been prepared in the book “Airdan Kocaeli”. The material, which highlights all the beauties of Kocaeli and is admired by those who see it and consists of specially written texts, has been uploaded to the website as an e-book. The site, which also uses Kocaeli’s unique logo, will begin broadcasting at 9:00 p.m. tonight.


The camera footage that best describes Kocaeli from the air brought Kocaeli’s new commercial to life. The city’s most beautiful streets, historic houses, natural wonders, Blue Flag beaches and beaches have been separately covered in the promotional film, which will once again be admired by the audience. In the Kocaeli commercial, all of these images are accompanied by a poem-like text whose music and fiction are specially prepared.


The website www.havadankocaeli.com, created as part of the Kocaeli Tourism Master Plan, will be launched on Thursday, December 21 at 9:00 p.m. In addition to the rare aerial photographs of Kocaeli, the website will feature a specially prepared promotional film and e-book promoting the city. Citizens, NGOs, institutions and organizations who visit the site after 9 p.m. can download these high-resolution materials and use them in their programs and brochures to promote Kocaeli.


President Büyükakın, who closely followed the tourism master plan and Kocaeli from the air and contributed to the selection of the photos, said: “Kocaeli, where we live, breathe and love its stone and earth, is another beauty from the air, with its Green and blue, streams, plateaus, sea and beaches. Our friends visited every corner of Kocaeli, the pearl of Marmara, and took thousands of photos. Every time I look at the photos I understand anew why I love Kocaeli so much and I fell in love with this city all over again. I’m sure you will share the same feelings as me,” he said.

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