Same pose 19 years after Ceren and Kerem from My Magic Mom! The My Magic Mom child actors made people say “no more” with their changes!

Entry date: 04/21/2022 06:49
Update date: 04/21/2022

The child actors of the TV series “My Magical Mom” ​​and “Selena”, who have made their mark for a while, have grown up. Gizem Güven is one of those names that is following with interest on social media these days. Gizem Güven, who breathed life into Ceren in Sihirli Mom and Leyla in Selena, married soccer player Caner Turp last year. The biggest support for Gizem Güven, who recently announced that she and her husband had decided to split, came from her former co-stars. Friends who have been inseparable since the series “Shirli Mom” ​​often get together. Finally, Gizem Güven, Ceren from Sihirli Mom, and Michele Cedolin, Kerem from Sihirli Mom, their childhood sweetheart on the TV series, gave the same pose after 19 years. The child actors from My Magic Mom, many of whom are now YouTubers, left their mouths open with their changes. Here’s the smiley face frame of Kerem and Ceren from Magic Mom and the last of the child stars of a time…

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