A new feature from Spotify to rival YouTube

Spotify remains among the most popular music platforms in the world, although it has faced some difficulties lately. That’s why the Sweden-based music service provider platform wants to offer its users a better experience by adding new features to its application.

Particularly; Also, the increasingly popular “podcasts” that allow you to listen to the conversations of one or more people on any topic are very important content for Spotify. Because the world’s most popular podcasts are on this platform and are followed by millions of people.

According to the news in WebTekno; In the past, the platform rolled out its new feature, Video Podcast. Now, the news has revealed that this feature is open to other countries as well.


‘Video Podcast’ This feature allows podcasters to broadcast in a video format. This makes it possible to watch popular podcast broadcasts. According to the new statements, all content producers in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand can now upload video podcasts to the platform via Anchor.

Acquired by Spotify in 2019, Anchor allows users to record and edit podcasts.

It’s fair to say that this new move may be aimed at popular video platform YouTube. YouTube has become the most popular platform for video podcasts in recent years.

However, it can be said that Spotify’s new move is likely to change this situation as it will feature very popular podcasts, especially the program presented by Joe Rogan.

Finally, Spotify, which issued a press release about the feature it has been working on for the last few years, stated that Video Podcast allows users to connect more deeply to the content. Additionally, the statements stated that the feature, which is currently unavailable in Turkey, has plans to become available in other markets in the future.

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