Adnan Binyazar: A gift from a book…

Book for all foundationinvites citizens to donate books. Definitely a useful initiative. However, it is not about giving away books to children and young people, but about creating an environment that makes it easier for them to access books. This depends on the implementation by the Ministry of Education in schools and the training of teachers in this area. If this solidarity cannot be established, the child will finish school without reading books…

In our country, most governments have abolished reading as a necessity. For example, as soon as the Democratic Party came to power in 1950, the village institutes is closed; which aims to popularize reading by publishing world classics right after translation agencyis closed; Thinking through reading, leading to being creative in art folk housesHe locked his door.


But even the strongest power could not stop the path of development at all times. Prof. Dr. Jesus Esmé Unfinished Enlightenment Breakthrough Village Institutes (ITU, 2021) in his book Village Institutes, “City Institutes” claims to be revived.

Municipality of Bornova, village institutes “Learning by doing” has already started to apply the principle:

“10 educators working in Bornova Municipality children’s activity centers are members of the Mother-Child Education Foundation (AÇEV).‘A future project that reads’ Participate in trainer training courses organized as part of Their aim is to make reading a habit for both children and their parents…”


Throughout my 51 years of teaching, from elementary school through college, I have attempted to teach my students to read. Four years of it, Assoc. Bozkurt GuvencAuthor’s director Emin OzdemirI worked as a lecturer at the Turkish Faculty of Hacettepe University, where .

When the fascist coup took place in 1970, the university senate closed the Turkish section, claiming that contemporary writers would be admitted to the course. When the political environment became more or less violent, I started teaching at the Gazi Education Institute. A few months later, the government men deported me to the Erzurum Educational Institute. However, through the efforts of my close friends, I was accepted into Şentepe Secondary School in Yenimahalle District, Ankara.

Most exiles do not long survive the effects of this harsh, unfair practice. I, on the other hand, chose the first grade with the enthusiasm of a young teacher just starting out.

I took two buses from my home to my school and walked a few hundred yards up the hill in rainy, snowy weather, carrying heavy bundles of books. I’m not tired! Founder of Can Publishing who was working at Cem Publishing at the time Erdal OzI filled the school library’s empty shelves by adding what I have to the books donated by.

The next day, seeing a book in the hands of each student, I had the pleasure of being a teacher.


The morning of my life dawned in the summer of 1978. associate DR Ahmet Taner Kislali The Minister of Culture and his State Secretary Prof. DR. Serafettin Turan I was appointed to the publications department.

Within a few months the classics were released, “national culture”le “Translation” published magazines …

In Turkey, Ataturk Period aside, cultural breakthroughs were short-lived. Two years later, the men of the new government took office. Their first task was to block the breakthroughs we were attempting. They appointed me as a teacher at the Ankara State Conservatory.


I went into these details because the life of the student who, after apprenticeship years, entered elementary school from the third grade at 14, entered the village institute at 16 and faced books, reflects the virtue of reading. .

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