“Book Rain Project” was implemented

In Muğla, the “Book Rain Project” was prepared by the Turkish Red Crescent Hinge Department to provide academic support to the students and improve their goals.

Provincial Police, National Education and Youth and Sports The project, which also involves principals, aims to deliver the High School Entrance System (LGS) prep book to 3,000 students.

In the first phase of the project, 380 students from Bayır Secondary School in Bayır District of Menteşe District were provided with books, crayons, pencil holders, toothpaste and brushes as tools. Yunus and the traffic police teams put the students on motorcycles and gave them a brief demonstration.

Red Crescent volunteers, community-assisted police and Riot Department teams, and Muğla Youth Center leaders and volunteers also played traditional children’s games such as traditional Ottoman sports entertainment and archery, as well as volleyball, skipping rope and sack races with schoolchildren.

District Director of National Education İdris Kömürcü stated that they promised to distribute 3,000 books to secondary school students in the district and they will fulfill this commitment as soon as possible.

Kömürcü pointed out the importance of the exams, emphasized that great importance was attached to preparing the students for the exams with resource books and wished them every success.

Kenan Gürbüz, head of the Turkish Red Crescent’s Hinge Department, said they want to support the students academically and improve their goals.

Explaining that the project arose from demands from students during neighborhood visits, Gürbüz said that after the visit by the police department, the project was implemented with the Turkish Red Crescent Hinge Department, the Directorate of National Education and the Branch of Community-Assisted Policing.

Gürbüz pointed out that 3,000 books from Istanbul were donated to the project with the support of provincial police chief Süleyman Suvat Dilberoğlu: “Today we delivered the preparatory books to 380 students. A month to our 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th graders at 24 secondary schools across the district. We will supply 3,000 prep books for LGS. We will also present toothpaste and brushes, crayons and pencil holders.”

Gürbüz explained that in the next phases of the project they plan to supply stationery to students in rural areas in particular and thanked the institutions and volunteers involved for their support.

Provincial Director of Youth and Sports Kazım Açıkbaş, Director of Youth Center Oktay Tavas, Commander of Bayır Gendarmerie, Gendarmerie Sergeant Sergeant Ali Balcı, police teams, teachers and students attended the event.

    Book Rain project started

    Book Rain project started

    Book Rain project started

    Book Rain project started

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