“I write on my way, there is no way not to write!”

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– It seems the more you write, the more you write, right? I think these two books are part of a (larger) corpus that you started before your new books Superficial (Karakarga) and Yayan Yapıldak.

Whether it’s the need to speak before the great stillness or the thirst for water, perhaps the best thing to do is to write. Instead of a lot, of course.

When the world gets worse, time gets shorter, friends get fewer, it counts as a kind of seclusion. Talk to yourself in solitude. “To be able to say that I have lived”. I loved, I was happy, I was sad, I saw, I was tired, I was tired, I couldn’t believe it, I was surprised, I was excited, I was silent, I spoke…

– Does it make sense to compare prose and poetry?

Maybe it makes sense, but I’m not comparing it. Writing is a sign that I’m a hardworking kid at 65, and poetry is my boyfriend who dropped out of middle school, which doesn’t suit this kid! The one whose eyes are on the road, not on the school, lives! He is not lazy either, but his eyes are not on writing, but on life! Things that are different, complement or look for each other, I have that!


– In “29 social Typical” in Surface, in addition to the “guys” we know by name, from Life Woman to Heart Man, you also named and wrote names for the guys we don’t name, even though we know their temperament. ?

I wanted it to be typical that we didn’t know him like that. I wanted to write 50 guys, but as I was writing, the guys started to resemble each other.

The population has increased, but the differences have decreased, whether it’s the world or life or conservative administrations, maybe they’ve made us all look the same, “we’re not different from each other, but we’re conservative!” ready society!

I’m done at 29. The language was also becoming more conservative, a friend of mine had lost his father, I wrote on social media “to keep it circulating”, then questions and comments came in as to what it meant.

It’s a bit provocative, they don’t want you to leave the general public, even if they send away a dead man, they immediately say “Zoroastrians hide behind Alawism”! We actually know each other well!

“I’m on the road, I’m living, I’m writing”

– Yayan Yapildak is like a sequel. “Street Alphabet” is written on the back. Why “away”, can you explain that a bit?

Well said, the sequel “I’m not broken, I’m alive!” as said. The song says “I’m sick I’m alive”, mine is like “I’m on the road”, “I’m on the way I write”. The title page says “yolyazı”. I don’t know if it counts as a continuation, there is a street neighbor on the ground floor, next “water-water”, then the upstairs neighbor “gokyazı”. Wherever we go, there’s no way not to write!

– The brochures in the book also have a philosophical overtone. What part does philosophy play in his essays?

You have seen that poets practice bad philosophy! We are like a “milk philosopher”! I know a few “book” urban anarchists who publish magazines and swear a lot, no one takes it seriously, and when the time comes they have retired from urban anarchism and settled in the Aegean!

Philosophy in my books is like burning coffee, watching people play cards, that’s right! But the texts of my culture and beliefs, the sources that I read a lot, maybe I have a few bites of it.


– What can’t we share in this world? For example, the sharing method you suggested to the ant in your essay entitled Cicadas is wise.

I say to the believers of different religions: It is not surprising that people cannot share anything if they cannot share the same God!

Let the world be for those who cannot share it, the earth for those who have nothing to share but her, this is ours! Trees, roads, plants, mountains, water, sky, animals, birds, we are brothers with them because we are the same!

The brotherhood of those who see him not as a human but as an animal but as a soul. That is, those who see justice not as the basis of property but as the wings of liberty.

What are those who live in a language with so many “qualities” to do with justice, mercy, mercy, that is, with things that belong to no one? What’s the benefit?

The method I suggested is not smart, it was an old thing, it got corrupted when it was a good thing, now we have to make it original again! Actually all of us!


– How many more alphabets will this little world contain? “Whoever walks through the pomegranate is surprised and takes a little walk on the street.” You said in the book I wonder: what’s next?

I have no nightlife other than writing! The number of my books has exceeded 50. Some of my favorite novelists and storytellers are being published at this time under the name “I’m Fascinated” by Sol Kültür. I am writing two short stories, one of which is That My Blue Dad will come Out of the Autumn’s Sunshine.

My teenage years were in the Ankara Blues, you’re going through it too. Two music books; Potpourri I’ve written for Alevi Bektashi bards from Aşıklar Cemi, Aşık Veysel to Neşer Ertaş, from Mahzuni to today, Anatolian Rock and some light music singers I love will expire towards the end of the year and will be released Ithaki .

Letters, moments of encounter and stories from my poetry book Red Cat, the name of which I do not know, the second is called 33 Stories, I have published 2 parts in the library, it will end in 7 chapters, it will be a book, the first is called since sooo many years of extras, now i change them to emulations around my stories…

Unfortunately The Poet’s Suitcase continues with new additions, I continue to write for Salah Birsel, and it will be collected into one book…

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