In celebration of his 85th birthday, Jack Nicholson’s best films and memorable roles

Jack Nicholson turned 85 today. He’s a star going back to the 1960s, the age of anti-heroes, the 1970s, the 1980s, even the Millennium.

1. Five Easy Pieces (1970)

High school dropout Robert Eroica Dupea finds a job on oil rigs after a miserable life. When she learns from her sister that her father is not well, she travels to Washington to visit him. There he confronts the wealthy, cultured family he left behind. The “Jack Age” has begun with sarcasm, frustration and showing his teeth!

2. Carnal Knowledge (First Time – 1971)

In Mike Nichols and Jules Feiffer’s critique of 20th-century American man, we follow the friendship of two men from college through middle age. It’s a flirtatious, captivating performance, yet one of Nicholson’s finest.

2. China Town (1974)

The neighborhood that gave this classic its name is beset by tragedy, ex-cop Gittes, a man who sticks his nose in other people’s affairs. When she takes on a case involving the husband of a wealthy woman, she digs deeper and things really get out of hand. Again, it’s arrogant, classy, ​​and very sarcastic!

3. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (Cuckoo-1975)

Louise Fletcher’s nurse, Ratched, faces the iceberg while trying to free the other patients in the psychiatric hospital. This film won the first of three Oscars for the actor who draws attention to himself.

4. The Shining (Insanity-1980)

Nicholson’s performance in this modern horror classic, adapted from Stephen King’s novel and directed by Stanley Kubrick, has never been forgotten… We even loved the famous actor’s tense and insane state!

5. The Postman Always Rings Twice (1981)

Two master actors are magnificent in the remake of the 1946 film of the same name. The film chronicles the relationship between a tramp and a sidewalk cafe owner’s wife that led to the murder… Jack Nicholson was 43 when he made this film and Jessica Lange was 31.

6. Tenderness Terms (Words of Love-1983)

Although this film tells a mother-daughter story, it showcased Nicholson’s most romantic role, largely because she matches her co-star in equal measure in wit and absurd candor. There was a perfect push-pull dynamic between the famous actor and Shirley MacLaine, it was mesmerizing! The film earned MacLaine his first Oscar and Nicholson his third. It was a well deserved award.

7. Vervain (1987)

Nicholson plays a homeless man in this adaptation of William Kennedy’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel. Francis Phelan is a tramp and drunk! When asked about the role, Nicholson said, “It’s an atonement for sin.” Nicholson and Meryl Streep received Academy Award nominations for the film; He also received the Best Actor award from the New York and Los Angeles Critics Organizations.

8. The Witches of Eastwick (The Witches of Town – 1987)

A mysterious and flamboyant man enters the lives of three single women in a city. Daryl (Jack Nicholson) manages to touch the deepest feelings of the three friends and thus seduces each of them. You should definitely check out Jack the Devil!

9.Batman (1989)

Gotham City’s Dark Knight began his fight against crime with his first major enemy, criminal Jack Napier, a clownish murderous Joker. Needless to say, Nicholson delivered a legendary performance.

10. The Dead (The Mole – 2006)

With the South Boston state police waging war on Irish-American organized crime, young undercover cop Billy Costigan is tasked with infiltrating a mob syndicate led by crime boss Frank Costello. Although he will direct three more films before retiring, this crime thriller was one of the veteran actor’s memories.

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