It Takes Two Movie Coming: To Be Shot by Amazon

It has been announced that the movie of the co-op platformer It Takes Two, which has been named Game of the Year for the past few months, will be made by Amazon. Also among the rumors was that famous actor Dwayne Johnson, who was credited as the film’s producer, could be among the cast of It Takes Two.

Developed by Swedish video game developer Hazelights Studios and published by Electronic Arts It takes twoSince the day of its release in March 2021, it has been appreciated by many gaming enthusiasts. In addition, the popular game won the DICE Awards’game of the year‘ further increased his success with the award.

Just like “A Way Out”, also developed by Hazelight, “It Takes Two”, an action-adventure genre in which you have to play with your friends (co-op), is a doll that transforms into a doll. Cody and May It was about the adventures of its characters and attracted a lot of attention with its story. Because of this, this interesting story lends itself very well to film and TV series scenarios; It has been stated that it will be adapted for the big screen in the near future. There has now been a development in this regard.

Dwayne Johnson could be in the movie It Takes Two to be released by Amazon

According to the news, work has started on the film of the game It Takes Two, which was sold on Steam for a fee of 399 TL. The film, which will be adapted in the statements made, will host many famous productions. Amazon Studios and production company Seven Bucks Productions It is stated to be developed by

It should be noted that for now there are not many details about the production and it is not known when it will be released. However, the news comes from the world famous actorDwayne Johnson It shows that he will be present as a producer and that the writers of the recent hugely successful Sony the Hedgehog films will also be writing this production. Also among the rumors is that Johnson is likely to be an actor in the film.


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Finally, it should be noted that It Takes Two is the latest production to join the caravan of adapting video games as television series or films. As is known, a series of the popular game The Last of Us will be released soon. Also, news broke that other popular games like God of War, A Plague Tale: Innocence, and Resident Evil will be adapted as series, and games like Uncharted and Sonic will be brought to the big screen.

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