Point right and smack left! Tragic farewell in Gnl Da, wo Hz. Morale is shaken!

The claim that there will be a bomb breakup in Gnl Da, which hits screens every Saturday with its Stan scenes, broke her morale. The fact that Veysel’s character had an accident in the series’ new episode trailer shocked viewers. On the other hand, new behind-the-scenes allegations began to circulate. After this scene, allegations continued to be raised that Semih Ertrk, who ascended the throne for the souls with Mehmetik Kut-l Amare, Ekya Do Not Rule the World and Gnl Da, would say goodbye. On Saturday, April 23, it will become clear whether Veysel’s character will die.


Viewers were devastated by the accident that the character of Veysel had in the trailer for the new episode of Gnl Da. The accusations that Semih Ertrk would say goodbye were raised again and again after this scene.


Semih Ertrk was born on October 14, 1993 in Istanbul. He graduated from the Theater Department of Istanbul University State Conservatory.

He started out in commercials before they started working on the camera. Then she starred in the 2015 film Yok Now. He later played the role of “Taner” in the popular TV series Ekya Dnyaya Hkmdar Olmaz.

The famous actor, who played the role of Mehmetik Kut’l Amare, brought the character of “Said” to life in the series and left the series according to the scenario. Now he breathes life into the character “Veysel” in the Gnl Da series.

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