Serkan Çağrı threatened me

After the popular song “Samsak Döveci” known as “Langıdı Lan Lan” that Elif Buse Doğan and Serkan Çağrı sang together in the music show, the two friends broke up. After Serkan Çağrı and Elif Buse Doğan released the song as a single in the same period, the event grew even more.

Serkan Çağrı said: “After the broadcast we decided, ‘Let’s cut the song together’. Another choice was made by Mrs. Elif and the path was taken. This part is not very important, but for me. The most important thing is that Elif, who I have been working with for a very long time, is in our house 24/7. She accused Elif Buse Doğan, saying “She was 21 years old when she came. My wife and I tried very hard, we hugged her. What hurts us now is our conscience. It upsets us, the infidelity of the covenant.”

Doğan, who was a guest of the 2nd Page program, became the order of the day with his statements. Doğan said: “This version of the song came out after he made it. If I were really an opportunistic person, I wouldn’t say let’s do the song together after threatening on the phone, ‘You can’t do this track, It’s unethical. Who gives you these thoughts? He released a single like an April Fool’s joke. It is he who is either dishonest or opportunistic here, not me. This is an anonymous folk song and anyone can read it. 15 people I know have done it singles so far, my voice was also used.

I’ve tried to stay behind, but you can’t beat that many people. Samsak Döveci’s folk song stands above everything else. Neither the name of Serkan Çağrı nor the name of Elif Buse Doğan is important here. I didn’t exist with this work. My brother is an audio engineer and we have a studio. I do my job here. In this case, I have no spoilers. I don’t do this for money. It’s a mission job. The comments and manipulation made by fake accounts on social media for a month has left me exhausted. Serkan Çağrı and his wife opened fake accounts for money to drive me crazy. He himself admitted that they did. They took me to concerts for free. They took it to their friend’s wedding for free. I couldn’t say no so as not to offend her. What Serkan Çağrı said made my family very tired. I did not respond to this polemic. If I were a disloyal person I would have published this work before him. I took it out because he took it out. Other than that, I had no thought or need to do any work.”

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