Teacher who watched adult films in classroom fired – World News

in the city of Houston Collins High School from your teachers Kevin Waslon your laptop Adult Movies Watch after ‘inadvertently‘ in the classroom to the projector The images were also reflected.

The school administration informed the official body to which it belongs. Which was released. Justin Elbert, spokesman for the department, said: “This individual is now in our area. doesn’t work in schools. “We absolutely cannot tolerate such things,” he said.

A lawsuit was filed against, not just firing an erotic film on the classroom screen. Teacher on trial for ‘playing images harmful to minors’ will be jailed for up to a year and $4,000 (58,000 618 lire) can be fined.

Elbert, ‘legal He stressed that he will do whatever is necessary.

Students’ parents are “in the classroom” Adult Movies‘ was divided into two. While some found it highly inappropriate, others indicated that such accidents can happen and expressed sadness at losing Welch as a governess.

“This is absolutely unacceptable, something a professional shouldn’t do,” said one mother, “and he was an excellent teacher. His students loved him very much. It’s very sad that something like this happens,” he expressed his feelings.

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