The cinematic story of Wind Up Records discovering over 150 million sold rock bands

The story begins in the mid-1980s with Alan Melzer who, although he seems like the protagonist of the action, is actually the supporting hero. Born in 1944, the chubby friend duplicated and distributed albums from major record companies from 1985 to 1996. Besides, he makes good money. He even gets rich enough to marry a chubby model with his chubby looks.

The name of the model he married is a woman named Diana Meltzer. Her nickname would later be the woman with the golden ears. Alan Meltzer, a hardcore poker addict, can’t afford it. He says I’m going to start my own record company. I will both meet the label for the album and distribute it.

Diana Melzer

The dates are 1996. The years when grunge bands took the pop giants off the top. Alan Meltzer understands that the money is in the stone. That’s why the company he’s going to found will be aimed at rock bands. Alan Melzer doesn’t get tired at first, he wants to buy Grass Records and get ready. The most popular bands signed to Grass Records are the 2 mid segment rock bands called Toadies and The Wrens. In 1996 he pushes albums on these groups, but they are on the market.

Alan tells his wife Diana that this didn’t happen. There is not much energy in popular ready groups. They don’t do good things. let’s try something else. Diana also says we need to find and polish the zero kilometer group ourselves.

You’re knocking on the door of wind-up entertainment dedicated to music. In 1997 weed records and windup entertainment merged into windup records. They also come up with a nice slogan: “Developing career artist”. so it says; We’re looking for geese to pluck.

Now let’s pause here, let’s go back from 1997 to 1994.

In 1994, two childhood friends from Florida, Mark Tremonti, and Scott Stapp, a pastor’s son, formed a band. They named the group Creed because of Scott Stapp’s Christian life. While working on covers, they also produce their own songs. Then they find bass and drummer and complete the group. They have been stealing and cooking in bars in Florida for 2 years. In 1996, they are guests in a man’s bar named Jeff Hanson. Jeff Hanson sees the jewel in Creed and wants to release an album for the band.

Jeff Hanson knocks on the door of a music company called Hitquarters. “Brother, I’ve discovered a group that will sell 58 million albums in the future. Let’s release an album for them.” The company told Hanson, “Fuck off. This is Florida.

hitquarters makes the following offer at Hanson’s urging: “I will not interfere with the album recording or production. Go to a band you trust a lot, pay out of pocket, get a check to clear the album to a producer. I will put my label on the album and distribute it.”

Jeff Hanson pulls $6,000 out of his pocket. He goes to his friend named John Kurzweg. john Kurzweg has a background with ahmet ertegün’s atlantic record in the 80’s but it hasn’t held up well. He’s back in Florida.

John Kurzweg invites Creed over to his home in 1997. They recorded the album My Own Prison at John Kurzweg’s home.

They release the album in June 1997 on a Hitquarters subsidiary label, but the album doesn’t explode. known only in parts of Florida.

Somehow the album ended up in the hands of model Diana Meltzer, one of Wind Up Records’ partners 1800 km away. Torn greets Diana with the album’s first track. He is mesmerized by the animalistic vocals and guitar riffs. He takes the album and brings it to the corporate partners. “Guys, I found a band that will sell 58 million albums in the future.” Corporate partners listen to the album but are not as intrigued as Diana. At Diana’s urging, the company partners want to go to Florida and secretly listen to the band live.

It’s concert time, Creed’s performance is as clean and clear as the recording on the album, despite it being a bar concert. The bar crowd also went wild like Creed. The owners of the settlement want to be convinced by Credo and conclude a contract. but there is an error. While waiting for album giants like Creed, Gefen Records and Sony BMG, he’s disappointed to see newly formed Wind Up on their doorstep. Although they don’t agree to the contract at first, they later accept it.

Wind Up Records reworks and releases the album. They shoot clips for 4 tracks of the album. All 4 clips reach number 1 in the American music charts. The album sells millions of copies.

By 1999, although the album was still selling, winding-up records prompted Creed to release another album. The album they called Human Clay rocked the world in America. It sells millions and takes home an award in the Grammy’s Best Rock Song category, for which Red Hot Chili Peppers is also nominated.

Having sold more than 10 million copies, the album is now certified Diamond by riaa. Even Nirvana and Pearl Jam didn’t have a diamond album, this group got diamonds. important rock bands that have reached Diamondu today; Bands like the Beatles, Pink Floyd, the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Metallica.

As dates indicate 2001, he releases the album Weathered on the roof of Creed Wind Up. Although this album didn’t sell as big as Human Clay, today it has surpassed the 8 million mark.

The group signals dissolution when disputes begin between Creed members. wind up is looking for new faces to exploit.

Now it’s Evanescence’s turn. no, there is more to impermanence.

They discovered the drowning pool that has been waiting to shine since 1996. They released an album called Sinner in 2001. The album was cherished and although it sold 1 million copies, it failed to explode like Creed. The “Bodies” song on the album is still one of the metal hits today. Streamed 235 million times on Spotify.

Unable to find what he wants in the drowning pool, he turns to Seether. Released the Disclaimer album with Seether in 2002. The group is appreciated but the album can’t even exceed the million band. Their next few albums will surpass the million dollar band, but Wind Up has a bigger eye.

The year is 2003. Now let’s go back to 1994 from here.

Amy Lee and I Moody, like the Creed members in the ’90s, don’t miss their churches while they’re rockers. In 1994, Amy Lee and I laid the foundation for the group while Moody was at a Christian youth camp and recruiting members in 1995.

In 1995 they produced My Immortal which had 740 million views on YouTube. My Immortal and other tracks are played on local radio. Although the songs and the group are liked, they fail to spread across America.

Although the music company Bigwig Enterprises discovered the band in 1998, evanescent never got the attention they deserved. The group released 1 demo and 2 eps until 2003, but these recordings haven’t reached the right people since 1995.

In 2003, Diana Meltzer became aware of the band. He takes the EP albums he has and goes back to the Wind Up partners. He says: “Guys, I found a band that will sell 123 million albums in the future.”

The corporate group calls and asks, “What’s the matter, folks?” The band gives the company the songs they’ve produced since 1995, but there aren’t any solid tracks like Creed’s first album. There are good tracks like Everybody’s Fool and My Immortal, but the company is still low key. Diana Meltzer sees the sparkle in the group, but the company is still undecided.

Before the company financed the band, they released the EP My Mystery in January 2003 with 5 songs including Everybody’s Fool and My Immortal. The album is getting good reviews, but Wind Up wants a full-fledged album.

I don’t know what happened in 3 months but Evanescence completed their 11 track album in March 2003 which consisted almost entirely of hits. The company released the album in the same month.

The album stirs up dust. Nominated for 5 Grammy Awards. He won 2 Grammys among artists and groups such as 50 Cent, Audioslave, Nickelback.

The album now achieves 17 million sales. After Linkin Park, they are one of the 2 rock bands that came out after 2000 and received a diamond certification from riaa.

As I end the article, I would like to add one last thing. There is another woman with golden ears like Diana Melzer. Chris Cornell’s ex-wife, Susan Silver.

Susan Silver is the woman who launched grunge giants Soundgarden, Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam in the early ’90s. He is the manager of these three groups. Above all, Alice in Chains owes its success to Susan Silver. He brought Alice in Chains to Columbia Records, one of the biggest record companies of the time. In 1990 Alice in Chains opened the door to grunge, in 1991 came the storms of Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Soundgarden originally released an album in 1988, but gained delayed fame in 1994 because they worked with the wrong producers on their first two albums. Susan Silver also works with Nirvana in 1991, but she breaks off her relationship with Nirvana because she doesn’t get along with Kurt Cobain.

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