The final version of Reha Muhtar surprised those who saw it! – Last minute news

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Reha Muhtar, who for a while made a name for herself with her unique news presentation, is now 62 years old… The famous presenter, who has not been on screen for a long time, has appeared on social media.

The final version of Muhtar ending his television adventure shocked his fans. The presenter, who has been a guest at home for a long time with the program “Line of Fire”, has burned himself into people’s heads with the words “Is there any pain”.

Reha Muhtar’s journalistic career, who hosted programs such as PişşTi, Cross Fire, Very Different and Son Kale, ended when she left Vatan Newspaper in November 2016. Reha Muhtar was also among the magazine’s names, as was her career.

Reha Muhtar, remembered from her young age, had aged. Those who are wondering what Reha Muhtar is doing have now learned the truth. Reha Muhtar, who has twins with artist Nilüfer and his adopted daughters Ayşe Nazlı and Deniz Uğur, devoted all his time to his children.

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