The Guide to Attention Disorder in Children: Messy Minds

One of the first names that comes to mind when it comes to modern psychotherapy. Gabor MateThe Book of Attention Deficit Disorder and the Truths and Falsehoods of the Myth Surrounding It. “Missed Thoughts”It’s ready to hit shelves tomorrow.

A popular authority on stress, mental health, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, parenting and addiction, Gabor Mate is a self-diagnosed attention deficit disorder that will benefit all parents, not just parents of children with ADD and adults with ADD, from a counselor.


The following words are contained in the introduction to the book Missed Minds:

“As parents, doing our best to raise our children in a loving and trusting environment, we don’t need to feel any more guilt than we already do. What we need is less guilt. And an increased awareness of it what the quality of the parent-child is like.” Relationship can be used for the development of our children. It was written to promote awareness.”

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