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“We all know Erman Hodja’s style. He’s a little reckless. Hamit Turhan has perfectly preserved this style in this book. He didn’t turn Erman Toroğlu into someone he’s not with nonsensical censors. Erman Hodja obviously wanted to say he spoke, a very good book has emerged. Toroğlu slaughtered some ruthless people…”


For almost everyone in my age group marathon It’s a legendary program. The games are over, then of course there will be no “Monday football” marathon opens. It lasts until midnight. Then a magazine program intervenes. If you could hardly get permission The next day is school! league marketyou look too All nine games are commented. A screen classic with Erman Toroğlu and Şansal Büyüka.

Erman Toroğlu used to go to the stadium to watch the games. The camera picks it up, in a grandstand, on the field, in the grandstand… But it’s definitely there. “The game will be watched in the stadium,” he would say urgently. He also got angry at those who saw it on TV. Then Ridvan Dilmen appeared on the stage. He came and interpreted the games both at halftime and at the end of the game. As such, Erman Toroğlu and marathon succumb to the speed of time. People watching Saturday’s team’s game started receiving comments from Rıdvan Dilmen. There is no point in Erman Toroğlu going to the stadium and paying more attention. In front marathon went out twice a week. Erman Toroğlu could not take part in the games. Then the breakups… Then, now, Erman Hodja doesn’t go to any more games. Live at halftime and after the game.

When I was a teenage reporter, we had an interview with Erman Toroğlu. In Beyoğlu Merih he offered gin with pomegranate juice. We talked about the match tampering case. Erman Toroğlu is a soccer player, referee, middleman, commentator, journalist, but above all a TV personality. It’s definitely a ratings monster. To remain at the forefront of the mainstream for over twenty years is a tremendous achievement.

When I found out that Erman Toroğlu’s memories were gone, I went to the bookstore and bought it the day he came and started reading. Journalist Hamit Turhan wrote Toroğlu’s memoirs. He had read and never read Hamit Turhan’s interview about the life of Ergin Ataman. I wouldn’t like to. But I have to congratulate Hamit Turhan on this book, which I find very successful. He wrote the text in a very nice style, which I can call semi-official.

I played, I played, let’s play, from the biographies series of Turkuvaz. This series of Turkuvaz is perfect for people like me who love reading memoirs! I’m reading Mehmet Barlas, although I haven’t read it yet, Teoman Durali and Ahmet Özhan are queuing up in the library.

Anyway, let’s get to the memories of Erman Hodja… We all know Erman Hodja’s style. He’s a bit ruthless. Hamit Turhan has perfectly preserved this style in this book. Erman Toroğlu, who didn’t use nonsensical censorship to turn him into someone he wasn’t. It is obvious that Erman Hodja wanted to tell it as he spoke and a very good book came out. Toroğlu brutally kills some people with the sword. I’ll address them in a moment, but I’d be lying if I said what they said about Şansal Büyüka didn’t upset me as a viewer who’d watched them for many years. At the end of the book he also says that he did not do justice to Şansal Büyüka, whom he addressed in many places and accused him of “loving the green dollar”.

Sansal Buyuka, Erman Toroglu

One of the journalists he denied his rights is Reha Muhtar, with whom they worked for a while on Kanaltürk. But Toroğlu accuses Reha Muhtar of simultaneously being a match-fixing collaborator and serving match-fixing in the media. Before writing this article, I called Reha Muhtar. “Thanks to Erman, I won’t argue with him,” he said. I think people who have faced such harsh allegations should speak up. There is a saying: “Silence comes from confession”. It’s not something that can be eaten because it’s said to be.

The book tells the story of Erman Toroğlu from his birth until today. His family, his job, his feelings… Especially some of the “unforgettable” words he said on the screens. Toroğlu told them all, he kept almost nothing secret. Hamit Turhan wrote it down and printed it exactly as in turquoise. You have done a great job in making this book permanent without censorship. For example Kazım Kanat morningErman Toroğlu reminds us of an article he wrote in The publisher published it without reservations.

Yes Erman Toroglu morningin and photo matchHe also writes in and comments on A Spor. But in this book, Erman Toroğlu did not hesitate to question the current political situation from time to time. It means that the July 3rd operation was “not a conspiracy, it was match-fixing.” He delivers the evidence to the police. Today, when July 3 is mentioned, the words “conspiracy” and “FETO” must be enumerated, but Erman Toroğlu does not deign to do so. He says that while he was on the air with Reha Muhtar, Eskişehir’s then Technical Director Bülent Uygun was connected to the broadcast and her right to reply was blocked by Muhtar himself, but at the time Uygun was at the Fenerbahçes house Manager İlhan Ekşioğlu. Because the police showed this evidence. If what Toroğlu tells is true, otherwise his name would be a liar and everything he says in the book would be lost in a cloud of unreliability, this shatters the “official narrative” that prevails today.

We hear the transformation of the city in time from Erman Toroğlu, who is from Ankara. It describes the construction of the Kocatepe Mosque. Then we come across a memory from his military service. Turkey declares incest in villages. One of his soldiers came up to him and said he was going to kill his father because his father raped his own wife while he was in the army, after his brother’s. Toroğlu calmed the young soldier down but didn’t kill his father, he was content to break his bones!

He studied at the same university with Devlet Bahçeli and Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu and was friends with Kayahan from the neighborhood. When he became famous, friends and acquaintances from this environment kept coming. Toroğlu also touches on the right-left events. Although his family is from CHP, he stayed away. He became a DYP parliamentary candidate in 1991. If he had been elected, he would have become Minister of Sports, but his teacher, Aydın Güven Gürkan, was elected, Toroğlu’s path also became television, and Mehmet Ali Yılmaz became Minister of Sports.

He talks about a legendary person called Avni Bulduk in Güneşspor who is both club president and coach. But he doesn’t fail to say that “he was interested in boys”! The same explains how Avni Bulduk repaired matches and sold matches. For example, he gave the young players cognac because the weather was cold and took them to the game drunk.

We always feel nostalgia when we talk about his time in Ankaragücü, where he is a legend. It was like the happiest moment of his life when he came to Ankaragucu Stadium in the yellow and navy jersey. Later he participated there many times as “Captain”.

While explaining that the injustices inflicted on him as a footballer pushed him to become a referee, he explains that some referees have called their names and corrected them: the most notable is Doğan Babacan, who received the first red card in the history of the world showed football. While describing with testimonies that match-fixing has become commonplace for Babacan, he also mentions the names of İhsan Türe, Serdar Çakman, Mutlu Çelik and Muzaffer Sarvan. MHK President Bülent Yavuz also gave a heel salute to TFF President Haluk Ulusoy.

Serdar Çakman said he would file a lawsuit to have the book confiscated. Erman Toroğlu had written for him in this way before, but the next day he told her. Freedom’“If you can’t prove it, you’re dishonest!” that he said that Toroğlu could not prove that these correspondences too freedom and morningHe said it can be found in the archives of. “Having said it that day, I have no problem repeating it now: Erman Toroğlu, you are the leader of the dishonorable. You are a liar who defames and slanders the dead.” Serdar Çakman said that it was from this book that he first heard about “annual handicap”, that Erman Toroğlu might have tried it before, since he knew it, and that it it was out of the question for him to do something like this as a FIFA referee, also mentioning Adnan Polat and Bülent Tulun.

It is understood that Erman Toroğlu loves Ankaragücü coach Sabri Kiraz. The team’s forward from the rebellion against him has an important place in the history of Turkish football. He blames Ali Osman Renkbay. I called Ali Osman Renkbay. He didn’t know that Erman Toroğlu’s book was out there. I have read the passages that mention your name. “Erman was completely ridiculous,” he said. The materialist Hacı Osman mentioned by Erman Toroğlu started an uprising against Sabri Kiraz, but Ali Osman Renkbay was never in this team. “He was one of my three or five favorite people in life, how do I take action against him?” said Renkbay. Therefore, they did not sit and discuss in the Ankara Pub as Toroğlu mentions in the book.

Şenol Güneş is one of those who got their share from Erman Toroğlu. Toroğlu accuses Şenol Güneş of both defamation and lying and receiving an incentive bonus! Come and be silent to all these words! Elsewhere it says: “He didn’t take the ball in front of him with his arm. threeWhile recounting that Tanju Çolak, who swore by his children, said the opposite ten days later, he also cites Faik Çetiner as a witness. In other words, Tanju Çolak is one of those unprincipled liars.

Toroğlu shows its attitude towards all communities. For example, during the period when referees were drawn by lot, Fenerbahçe President Metin Aşık could remove any referee from the lot. how do we know Fenerbahce manager Hayri Yazıcı said Erman Toroğlu. “They will come out of the lottery this week,” he said. Finally he is outside.

Erman Toroğlu also alludes to “Fethullahist” for Emre Belözoğlu. Recalling that Belözoğlu was wearing the number 25 shirt, Toroğlu said: “I don’t know, does this shirt number remind you of anything?” he asks. Establishing the connection is not difficult: Fethullah Gülen comes from Erzurum. Erzurum’s license plate number is 25. So, according to Toroğlu, Emre Belözoğlu actually sent a message to Pennsylvania.

If I were the sports director of a newspaper, I would spend a week reporting on the allegations and cross-examining the book. Because there is great material here. Erman Toroglu is openthreeAbout telling stories, about writing like Hamit Turhan, about courageously pushing in Turkuvaz. threebecause it was not cultivated. I played, I played, let’s play I think the book will generate further discussion.

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