Trump left the show, calling the famous TV host ‘stupid’

WALL – Former US President Donald Trump was seen leaving the show in an interview with famed British TV show host Piers Morgan.

In the 30-second trailer for the 75-minute show Piers Morgan Uncensored, which will air in full on Talk TV on April 25, Morgan was seen asking Trump questions about the 2020 US presidential election.

When Morgan told the former US President that the elections were held “free and fair,” Trump said, “Only an idiot would think that.” Morgan’s “Do you think I’m stupid?” When asked, Trump replied “yes.”


Trump, who seemed very nervous during the interview, told Morgan, “I think I’m a very honest guy, a lot more honest than you actually.”

When Morgan told Trump he could not provide “strong evidence” to support his allegations of electoral irregularities, Trump replied, “I don’t think you’re real.” In the trailer, which has been dubbed “the biggest interview of the year,” Trump can also be seen standing up and telling the camera crew, “Turn off the camera.”

Word is that Trump, who lost the presidential election two years ago, is preparing to run for a third time. (EXTERNAL NEWS)

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