Uğur Dündar received his mandate – Sport

Uğur Dündar, who was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of the High Council, Chairman Ali Koç, Secretary General Burak Çağlan Kızılhan, Board member Bekir İrdem, former Chairman of the Board of Supreme Council Vefa Küçük, Chairman of the Board of Electoral Council Talat Yılmaz, and old and new board members attended the ceremony held in the clubhouse.

Supreme Council Chairman Uğur Dündar and Board Members Mithat Yenigün, İsmail Tepecik, Zehra Didem Üretimmen and Elizabet Uğurlu received their mandates from President Ali Koç and Electoral Committee Chairman Talat Yılmaz.

Council Supreme Council President Uğur Dündar, former YDK Chairman Vefa Küçük and Chairman Ali Koç made statements to Fenerbahçe Television.

Uğur Dündar said: “As a Fenerbahçe fan who inherited Fenerbahçe from his father, I am experiencing one of the most exciting moments of my life. We have taken on a great responsibility. We will endeavor to fulfill these as required. Our goal is to contribute to the rise and great success of our club in unity and integrity.” I would like to thank the Chairman of the Board of Governors Vefa Küçük, who has rendered invaluable service before us, for everything he has done. We welcome contributions, criticism and suggestions. We are a team and we don’t see Ms. Vefa Küçük outside of the team,” he said.

Vefa Küçük, who then took the floor, said: “Today we hand over a watch to Fenerbahçe. I am pleased to hand over the Presidency of the Board of Governors, which I have borne with honor, glory and pride for eight years, to Fenerbahçe Uğur Dündar, who emerged victorious from the ballot box. Everything we said before is forgotten. I wish him and his team every success. We are all Fenerbahce. We exist for Fenerbahce and from now on I will continue to serve as A “I wish them every success. I expect them to govern better than me. If they cannot do that, I declare that I will be the first to decide opposed to them,” he said.

Finally, Ali Koç Vefa Küçük thanked him for his services so far and conveyed his wishes for success to the new YDK President Uğur Dündar and his team. Ali Koç spoke as follows:

“On Thursday, April 21st, we were finally able to get together. Travel, games, our Presidents’ calendar… We are now holding our official ceremony of mandate. After this mandate ceremony, I wish Mr. Uğur and his team every success and good luck. I hope that together we can create a lot of added value for our community. I would particularly like to thank Mr Vefa. We have worked together harmoniously for 8 years. I knew him when he was in management, but now I’ve gotten to know him a lot better. Needless to say, his support for Fenerbahce but we’ve come so far in harmony. We have made our choice. I think our choice was an exemplary choice. All the candidates, although they get angry at each other from time to time Harmony, I think we had an electoral process that will be shown as an example among the elections that are carried out by the Fenerbahce community and even for all communities. Good luck, good luck. I first had an awkward conversation with Vefa Bey I met in the area. I also said at the election; July 4th or July 5th if I’m not mistaken. I believe it was Monday July 4th. In 2011, when everything was against us, when everyone was against us, he was the first person to come here among the wise men of our community. And we sat in this room, discussed, brainstormed. He was with us the whole time. I would like to give him a special thank you for that. Because nobody was with us then. Very few people were with us. Especially in the beginning nobody was there. I’m always grateful for that. I want to say thank you both as a supporter and as a member of a community and now as its president. Mr. Uğur also drew a vision during the election process and said what they wanted to do. Hopefully most of these, at least some of them, will come true and we will add value to our community with fresh blood on the High Council Council in this way. I wish your delegation good luck. We all already know Mithat Bey (Yenigün). Mithat Bey returns home. I say that the path of other members is also open, good luck. As Mr Uğur said, there is no competition anymore, we are all in the same boat. I’m sure there will be times when we will consult with Vefa Bey. Thank you for everything. I wish our community the best of luck.” (DHA)


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