“We thank our President for his support of the arts”

Our President, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and his wife, Ms. Emine Erdoğan, came to the Iftar Dinner at Dolmabahçe Palace along with the artists. After the fast-breaking dinner, I chatted with Süher Pekinel, one of the Pekinel brothers’ world-renowned pianists. “We were personally invited by our president,” Pekinel continued. “The German and French TV channels ARTE/ARD made a documentary that included all our European tours and American concerts, and this documentary was bought by Unitel, the main music broadcaster . This year, ARTE/ZDF is celebrating its 30th birthday with concerts by well-known artists from 30 countries, which will be broadcast live in 30 countries one after the other.”

The Pekinel brothers were invited to represent Turkey. They found it very useful and interesting to hold a concert at Dolmabahçe Palace, which with its historical and cultural identity is a very important venue from the Ottoman Empire to present-day Turkey, Pekineller also said:
“In order to make this dream come true, I met our president at the iftar party he gave for the artists, he gave the necessary permission, he said that Dolmabahçe Palace is a good choice for such a concert and he will do everything will what is necessary make it possible.”
Süher Pekinel also stated that this would be a very valuable promotion for Turkey and conveyed the following:

“We want to thank our President for the value and support he places on the arts. Contributing to arts and artists is extremely important in today’s world conditions. Today hundreds of thousands of musicians in many parts of the world, especially in our country, are in a difficult process. We find every contribution during this time very valuable. In his speech with us, our honorable President explained that art is the most valuable cultural element in a society and that art should always be supported. Based on the fact that art is the most effective mirror of culture, the further we advance with it, the further we will advance as a country Artists We have been developing various educational systems for social development for 16 years, which we attach great importance to. In this context, 19 first places in the field have been achieved worldwide so far.”
Recently, Russia wanted to honor the Pekinel brothers with the international award “Artist of the Year”. Considering that Russia is a country that culturally has contributed a lot to the world, Pekinels stated that given the human tragedy in Ukraine, it is not possible for them to accept this award. They said, “As artists, we have always taken our stance in favor of human values.”

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