Wise generation with the one who knows project implemented in Yeşilyurt, Çınar: “We encourage reading books”

In the Yeşilyurt district of Malatya, the distribution of 3 books intended for 400 students from 15 schools has started with the project “The wise generation with the knowledgeable”. Among the students who create compositions based on the books they read, the winners are rewarded.
As part of the “A wise generation with a knower” project, carried out in cooperation with Yeşilyurt Municipality and Young MemurSen branch, which continues to continuously provide services to help young people develop the habit of reading books, 3 books were published to distributed 400 students from 15 schools in Yeşilyurt. While the students taking part in the project prepare compositions based on the books they have read, the students who have been ranked after the examinations of the evaluation committee made up of teachers will receive their awards on May 31 at a ceremony attended by the poet and writer Hayati Inanç. Mehmet Çınar, Mayor of Yeşilyurt, Cemal Kalay, District Director of National Education in Yeşilyurt, Oğuzhan Önver, Head of Young Officers Department, School administrators, teachers and students participated in the book distribution program organized at Marshal Fevzi Çakmak Anatolian High School, which belongs to the participating schools project.
Marshal Fevzi Çakmak, Head of Anatolian High School, Ramazan İlhan, expressed that they are very honored to be involved in the project “A Knowing Wise Generation” which is being carried out in cooperation with Yeşilyurt Municipality and Young Officers Department , and said: “The Mayor of Yeşilyurt, Mehmet Çınar, who brought Yeşilyurt to a successful level in the fields of education and youth investment, said that they appreciated his services from the day he took office until today.
Oğuzhan Önver, the head of the Young Officers Department, thanked the Yeşilyurt Municipality for the sincere support of the “A Wise and Knowing Generation” project, stating that their main goal is to build a conscious generation that will shape the future and fight for one become a just and livable world in all areas and will be ranked at the end of the project.” He announced that they will present their gifts to the students at the awards ceremony on May 31.
Cemal Kalay, District Director of Yeşilyurt District, stated that they are very satisfied with the implementation of a beautiful project that will encourage students to read books and raise awareness of the importance of reading books, and Yeşilyurt Municipality Mayor Mehmet Çınar said: expressed his thanks.
Yeşilyurt Mayor Mehmet Çınar, who spoke to young people and explained the importance of reading books at the “Career Talk” event organized as part of the book distribution program, said that with education, they put Yeşilyurt in the position that it needs in education earned investments and projects they implemented between 2019 and 2022.
Çınar noted that as Yeşilyurt Municipality they are great supporters of educational services and said: “Young people are everything to us. We never neglect our young generation, to whom we will entrust our future, hope and future. While making Yeşilyurt a modern city with high living standards with physical investments, we also crown our physical community services with our social, cultural, sports, artistic and educational services. We offer very good investments and services, especially for our children and young people, so that they can study under better conditions, do sports, spend their time wisely and prepare for the future in the best possible way. Thanks to our Millet Kıraathanes, Yeşilkonakları, Youth Centers and Cultural Centers that we have opened in different parts of our district, we encourage our young people to read and explore more books.
and we support them to develop in different areas. In collaboration with the public and our facilities at our youth centers, we have achieved great success by hosting nearly 340 arts, culture and education courses in three years, involving nearly 6,100 young people. We do everything for young people who have future goals, have high self-confidence, pursue technology and science, learn different languages ​​and immediately follow developments in the world. We have high hopes for our young people, while caring that they are individuals, faithful to their national and spiritual values, loving their country and nation, we are rapidly increasing the number of our training centers and sports fields to keep developing their talents in different fields. We are a district with the most educational institutions and sports fields in its region, all these investments are intended to contribute to the mental and physical development of our youth. Everyone has a talent and a quality and it is necessary to fight and strive to reveal this talent. With the sports fields we offer, we give serious support to highlight the talents of our youth.”
Çınar stressed that reading books is the key to a successful and quality life, Çınar said: “Of course reading is the key to success, a person who does not read can never be successful, cannot express himself and the staid not reach goal. As a church, we resolutely continue on our way by adding a new educational offer to our youth every day in order to show our youth the best and most correct path. Our request from our youth; Be sure to visit the cultural and art centers of our city and region, take part in events and use our modern sports fields. While studying, on the one hand keep your social side strong, on the other hand avoid becoming addicted to social media and the internet, recognize your abilities and strive to be different. The main purpose of this project that we started in collaboration with Genç MemurSen is to encourage our students to read more books by introducing them. At the end of the project we will have gifts for our students who will be ranked, but the greatest gift is the lessons and notes you made from the books you read. Indeed, by reading and learning new information, you receive the greatest gift. I wish you all success in your educational life and thank everyone who supported the project.”
Çınar, who sincerely answered all the students’ questions, took selfies with the students after the book distribution.

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