Yunusemre Book Days has started publishing books from 60 publishers and 30 authors will meet with readers in Manisa

The Yunusemre Book Days, organized by Yunusemre Municipality for the first time this year, began. Books from 60 publishers and 30 authors meet readers at the stands set up behind Magnesia AVM. The stands will remain open until Sunday May 1st.
Yunusemre Municipality, which has added a new work in the field of social and cultural community, launched the Yunusemre Book Days, which it organized for the first time this year. Books from 60 publishers will be presented to readers at the stands set up behind Magnesia AVM until Sunday, May 1st. Yunusemre Mayor Dr. Mehmet Çerçi, Şehzadeler District Governor Cemal Hüsnü Çaykara, AK Party Yunusemre District President Fatih Katöz, MHP Yunusemre District President Cemal Kutlar, MCBÜ Vice Rector Prof. DR. Mustafa Kazaz, Director of National Education in Yunusemre District Yıldıray Demirtaş, Head of Department of Culture and Social Affairs of Metropolitan City of Manisa Fırat Özcan, Deputy Mayors of Yunusemre, Council Members, Department Heads, Yunusemre City Council Members, School Principals, NGO Representatives, Teachers, Students and many others, a large number of citizens attended.
Among the authors, Volkan Doğan, Selçuk Silsüpür, Sefa Yurtkolesi, Hilal Kahraman, Sibel Karabulut, Nesrin Hazer, Davut Tunçbilek and Erkan Erdoğan did not leave book lovers alone. Mayor Çerçi, who invited book lovers to the organization, said in his speech: “The Yunusemre Book Days have started. It will take about 2 weeks. We see that our students show great interest. Around 30 of our authors come, around 60 publishers bring their books to the readers. We would like to thank those who have contributed to this organization.”
Şehzadeler District Governor Cemal Hüsnü Çaykara also stressed the importance of reading and thanked those who contributed. At the event, which saw a large turnout, the students showed their love for President Çerçi and thanked him for bringing such an event to life. Books were also given to the students.

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