Aslı Enver-Önder Öztarhan love is over!

Aslı Enver and Önder Öztarhan were first spotted together 5 months ago on their vacation. This is how the couple’s love was documented in Alaçatı. However, there was a surprising development in Enver’s relationship, which Öztarhan’s mother got to know last month.

They deleted each other

Aslı Enver followed Öztarhan, for whom she was preparing for marriage, from her social media account. Önder Öztarhan then deleted the famous actor from Instagram. The couple’s move together: “They broke up.” Interpreted as. The parties have not yet commented on the issue.


Enver took his relationship to social media after his relationship was confirmed 3 months ago. Aslı Enver started following her boyfriend on Instagram. Önder Öztarhan also said to his close circle that they were very happy.

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