Drawing by a Turkish illustrator at Billie Eilish concerts!

Turkish illustrator Yaşar Vurdem, whose drawings have previously been posted on billboards in the US, will this time take part in Eilish’s concerts with his work. Vurdem’s work will be the first piece featured in the videos projected before the concert.

As Turkish artists continue to thrive around the world, illustrator Yaşar Vurdem has been making an impact around the world in recent months. Young artist, one of today’s biggest stars Billie Eilish Being the only Turk to participate in Adobe’s drawing campaign for Adobe and Eilish managed to like. Vurdem’s drawings have been hung on billboards on the streets of the United States.

Vurdem, who has done and continues to do wonders alongside drawing Billie Eilish, reached out to us today with brand new news. Vurdem’s artwork used on billboards and Billie Eilish responded by seeing the drawing on the board, this time on Eilish’s 2022 “Happier Than Ever” world tour. selected to be used in the opening video of the concerts. explained.

His drawing is shown before Billie Eilish concerts

Yaşar Vurdem’s drawing can be seen in the video that will be shown on giant screens to the audience before the concert. comes first. The video projected before the concert also features works by other artists, individually selected by Billie Eilish. These works, of which Yaşar Vurdem’s drawing came first, will be projected onto the screens before the concert as above.

We ran an interview with successful artist Yaşar Vurdem for anyone interested in digital drawing. In this interview, Vurdem refers to this branch of art. Offers advice for beginnersshared the details of his own production process and what tools do you use had explained. You can reach our Yaşar Vurdem interview below:


Success story and 20 wonderful works by artist Yaşar Vurdem illustrated on US billboards

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