Event “One tree, one book” in Kars

The event “One Tree, One Book” was organized by the General Prosecutor’s Office of Kars.


Under the coordination of the Kars Prosecutor General’s Office, in cooperation with the Provincial Directorate of National Education and the Probation Office, an event was held at Ataköy Şehit Turgay Karademir Primary School on the occasion of National Sovereignty and Children’s Day on April 23.

Kars Attorney General Soner Aygün, Deputy Provincial Director of National Education Harun Yenice, Central District Gendarmerie Commander Gendarmerie Major Özgür Cengiz, Probation Director Hakan Hoşgören, Deputy Forest Management Director Salih Ekinci, teachers, students and villagers attended the event.

In opening the ceremony, Deputy Provincial Director for National Education Harun Yenice said: “We are very pleased to have our Attorney General and our guests with us, especially at this celebration as part of our prosecutor’s programs. May Allah never show these days to this nation again. Specially to all the children of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Pasha, he is unique in the world. Happy National Sovereignty Day and Children’s Day, the only holiday given to children, all of us. called.

Attorney General Soner Aygün, who stated he was in joy and excitement to live here along with enthusiasm for the National Sovereignty and Children’s Day on April 23, said: “April 23, 1920 is the day when the Great Turkish National Assembly, which represents the national will of the Turkish nation, was inaugurated. On this happy day given to the children by Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, I commemorate the heroic members of our First Assembly, whose 102nd anniversary we celebrated with pride and enthusiasm, with compassion and gratitude. Depending on the importance of the day, we will entrust the seedlings that we will plant here to our children, who are the heirs of our national values ​​and the guarantee of our future. And we believe that our dear students and children will grow the seedlings we plant here when they grow up, and they will be a very valuable gift to nature. Today we also give our children books to improve their reading habits, pens to support their learning, and flags to strengthen their love of home and country. In concluding my speech, I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this significant program.” used the phrase.

Attorney General Soner Aygün was presented with a plaque by the Provincial Directorate of National Education for the support given to the development and learning of the students in the programme. After the seedlings were planted at the event, gifts were presented to the students.

Children received books to improve their reading habits, pens to support their learning activities, flags to strengthen their love of home and nation, seeds to develop their love of trees and nature.

The event ended with the students, who were delighted with the gifts, chatting for a while in their school and taking a souvenir photo.

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