Insistence on sexually explicit films at university in the US

Friday April 22, 2022

Despite social media backlash, the University of Westminster, Utah, announced it is not backing down from its plan to offer an elective course on sexually explicit film in May.

The statement from the university management said: “We have no intention of taking a step back in this course. Much of our campus represents academic freedom and Westminster’s attitude of putting the hard bets on the table,” it has been said.

According to news, there have been many posts about Westminster University on social media following the attack by US Conservative Party Candace Owens. The posts indicated that some faculty members were targeted on social media.

Candace Owens wrote the following in her social media post:

“I thought it was a joke. I’m sharing a course you can take at the University of Westminster in Salt Lake City. The lecture introduction states that porn is as American as apple pie; It is said that students will watch porn films together and discuss it as an art form.”

Record application for promoting watching sexually explicit movies in USA

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