On April 23rd we have something else to celebrate: Books!

For example: “What will we read in 2022, how will we read it?” If you are wondering, even reading qualified book references, want to know your favorite authors, want to learn about the topics that nobody has mentioned about books, follow the agenda , whether you work in the publishing industry, or would like to have your voice heard freely as a reader, I would like to tell you about Bookinton. As we celebrate World Book Day, it was impossible not to mention this site of which I am the editor and which is embodied by a love of books and reading.

Bookinton, who was born with the ideas and initiatives of Dear Mürsel Çavuş, who has worked as an editor for media organizations for 25 years and as an independent book editor for 10 years, has attracted a lot of attention despite being only 3 months old . After all, there is a monstrous editorial team in the background that reads, researches and writes with great enthusiasm, they work like a culture factory every day on many topics such as new book reviews, file topics, interviews, bestsellers, new releases, publishing kitchen. The platform, which addresses all topics from the process of creating the book to the way it reaches the reader, is a news site that has its finger on the pulse of the industry for all those involved in the publishing industry and for readers who want to do quality readings.

What drives the Bookinton team besides the smell of books; His belief that if reading culture and habits develop in Turkey, our country will become a more prosperous and livable country 😊

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